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Six ways to examine casino

Six ways to examine casino Share

Whether a player becomes a regular client of the certain casino depends on the fairness of the second one. Meanwhile it is hard to doubt in honesty of offline gambling houses the online casinos still rise certain worries. It is hard to trust something that you can't feel physically.

We decided to tell you about fail-safe ways to examine online casinos. Fortunately there are few ways.

    1. The most important thing for the player, who chooses a casino, is the payout in various games. For example, in roulette the casino's edge is about 2,7%. In other words if casino offers you a payout less than 2,7%, it is a signal to think over. We may say the same about slots and baccarat. The exceptions are dices and blackjack as the result of this game depends on the player's action. That is why it is possible to make the statistic analysis of these games only tracing the periodicity of winning cards combination drawing or dices dropping. And who may perform such an analysis? The analysis conducted by the casino itself will hardly seem credible for 100%. That is why Independent auditing services supervise all games and after that make their conclusion about payouts. Certainly, the most cautious players may ask if there is any possibility that the casino may make an arrangement with audience services. But as the experience shows the probability of such a deception is minimal. And such companies as BMM and PWC have gained their pure reputation.
    2. If the casino is a part of the certain gambling association (IGC, for example) it is a con for the casino according its honesty respectively. Because the main criterion of such organization is honesty of its participants.
    3. Recently in the gambling world the organization named eCOGRA has appeared. Its creators state that if the casino has the quality certificate given by their organization players may believe this casino blindly and may trust their game to such gambling houses.
    4. Internet reviews written by experienced players or just by observers will give much better image of casino. There are literally two lists of casinos ("black" and "white"). As you may guess if the player wants to attend honest casino he will go to the casino that refers to the "White" list. Here you may find gambling houses which reputation is not spoiled by any accusations or scandals and which have received the record quantity of positive reviews of players. At our site you always may find information about the leading online casinos; and reviews will help to make right decision. The site that enjoys the great popularity among the players is CasinoMeister. This internet resource gained the reputation of accurate and just critic.
    5. You may receive evidence in the casino justness in such a way: the random numbers are generated and sent to the player as encoded information. As the player stops playing he gets password and thus the opportunity to check whether the game followed rules. This way gives a guarantee that the casino cannot change the result of the game dependently on his bet.
    6. One more project that has appeared recently is «FairDice» offers you the program that provides the randomness of the results. It means that the program creates the random number for both the casino and the player as well. In case if between the casino and the player appears the disparity, it means that the casino tried to change the process. It seems that this noncommercial project «FairDice» will enjoy popularity among the players. This program is available and any programmer may check its operation. Besides this project presupposes additional protection from casino's cheating. This model of program is available for everyone without any exceptions.

As they say – informed means armed. You shouldn't think that the main aim of the casino is to trick its visitors. But you should take advices of skilled players into an account and rely on their experience. Sometimes they tell you more than the latest technologies. Our site is at your disposal. All innovations and the latest news from the leading online casinos, slots reviews, actions and articles you may find at our site.