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Advantage games in casino

Advantage games in casino Share

I think everybody will agree with the fact that the term "advantage game" is used not by everyone and not every day. In this article we will explain what this term means.

"Advantage game" – is the aggregate of games against casinos with positive expectation value. In other words it is a game in which, following certain strategy, a player gets mathematical advantage over the casino. The roots of this phenomenon term come from English word advancer – benefit. All gambling institutions initially develop their games on the base of the casino mathematical advantage. As a rule the usual casino's edge varies from 1% to 30%. But due to certain strategies the player is always able to increase his chances to win or just to equate chances. These games that give an opportunity to get advantage over the casino are referred to advantage games.

The strategies of advantage gambling are based on the theory of probability and the newbie casino player can hardly manage it at once. The matter is that the player cannot just get the advantage; he should extract it in the literal sense of the word. In order to make it casino players should follow the certain strategy using their patience, attention and fortitude. Only skilled casino players gain such qualities.

The whole generation of professional players was "brought up" in casinos by advantage gambling. These people visit casinos but their aim is not to entertain, but to earn money. You wonder whether the owners of gambling institutions know about it. Certainly. Then why didn't they prevent it? Because the casino gets the main profit from amateurs, even if they have heard about advantage winning, they are not quite fortitude for them. The profit over the casino in advantage games varies from 0,8% to 2% and is gained by force of the durable and laborious work. Surely the casino player should have an initial budget to continue playing for so long (about thousand sessions). Any mistake made by player may kick him off the game.

That is why the casino visitor should be notable for the real coolness. In advantage games you may face black bars, so called negatives moments. The player loses. If he is able to stand the moral tension then he will succeed for sure. If he gives over panicking, gets back of the strategy and makes the wrong bet he will lose.

You certainly wonder what games are advantageous. They are blackjack and some videopoker versions. Blackjack gives from 0.5 to 1.5% of mathematics superiority and videopoker gives from 1% to 2%. We also can refer to the advantages games all those gambling that are the most complex for mathematical analyzing. But we do not recommend you to try to get the advantage over the casino playing roulette. In roulette the mathematical advantage of gambling institution is too high.