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Casinos and aroma of hazard

Casinos and aroma of hazard Share

Not long time ago snacks were taken as a part of the high service, but now we have all reasons to doubt about this. Offline casinos skillfully use aromas with the aim to keep clients in game as long as it is possible.

Experiments have been started with the leading the latest gambling capital – Macao. It was found that in some big casinos of Macao for the certain period of time they have used aroma sprays installed in the ventilation. It is the common knowledge that the certain aroma may increase the degree of the player's hazard feeling. And free snacks served on trays verify the effect favorable for casino owners. It is like the trick with clocks absence, but it plays on smelling sense.

The famous marketing adviser of Macao, Sudhir Kale explains the sense of smell as the only feeling that can and does evade rational thinking and connects with emotions directly. Sudhir has given an interview to the newspaper South China Morning Post. To certain degree it is hard to imagine that the smell of chocolate and canapé with red caviar may urge you to play blackjack.

One of the biggest gambling capitals, Las Vegas, uses aroma marketing for long time. Alan Hirsh the director of American Fund of Taste and Smell researching has discovered this phenomenon in 1995 in Las Vegas Hilton Casino. Since that time he has discovered that people of different countries effects different smells. Thus for example the smell of cucumbers effects on American women but has no effect for women of China. Of course all these facts are stipulated by the cultural preferring of the country.

That is the main reason why casino services snacks "from the childhood". You may wonder why one of the most expensive casinos in the world serves to the visitors with colorful bear-shaped candies? Aroma marketing states that snacks served in casinos should call nice memories of clients and create the feeling of safety.

In America players are served with food right on the playing table in order not to take their attention from the game in any case, as he may not get back to the game.

And if earlier all these luxuries were available only for VIP clients now this rule acts for everyone. But not only countries behind the Ocean prefer to combine game and food. Thus recently in Moscow the new institution was opened that combines the expression "bread and circuses". The matter is that the casino is a restaurant with its eating tables are adopted for the gambling institution. Green tablecloth elegantly served with the table staff and simultaneously they performs the role of tables for poker, blackjack, roulette and other gambling. Taking into account Russian laws and the prohibition on gambling here players bet not money. But they spend quite great amounts on the various snacks.

The only casino that you may visit without the risk to gain in weight and in poverty is an online casino. Here you are insured of the aroma spraying and other tricks created in order to make your wallet lighter.