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Backgammon in casino online

Backgammon in casino online Share

Backgammon or as it is also called Tric Trac, has become quite popular all over the world including the virtual world as well. Visit an online casino or an entertaining portal where you may play backgammon for free and without registration that makes the playing process more exciting and comfortable.

As the table game backgammon was created many years ago. The board for the backgammon game, which was found in Asia Minor during archaeological excavations, is an evidence of that. The specialists have dated this finding from 3 000 years BC. The aim and rules of backgammon are simple and uncomplicated. Evidently that is the main reason why people like this game so much. The objective of game is while dropping dices to make the circle with draughts before your opponent makes it.

Initially backgammon was considered the royal entertainment. Royal boards were decorated with jewels and draughts were made of elephant ivory. Gradually more and more people were interested in backgammon. The largest part of fans was from the East. Backgammon remains popular and valuable for players. It is well known that backgammon's rules that we know today were created in 1743 in England. The author of the modern backgammon game is Edmond Hoyl. The next significant date for this entertainment was the year of 1931. This year in the USA were made last amendments to the International rules of backgammon. Nowadays in different countries of the world different tournaments are held: small, big and even international ones.

Having noticed the great popularity of backgammon online casinos and entertaining portals couldn't stay aside. The virtual game version appeared not long time ago, but nowadays many gambling sites offer this classical entertainment. Every day in the Internet appear more and more proposals. And usually it is not necessary to register; players are given an opportunity to play both for free and for money as well. All that you need is to plug to Internet, find the game that you are interested in and invite an opponent. It is up to you whether you have one or few opponents. Online backgammon's options give a player the right to choose. The online casino visitor may choose one of online backgammons version: long or short.

In the long backgammon version there are 15 draughts which are placed at 24 positions. According to the rules of long backgammon you may take off only one draught during one move. There is only one exception, when a player has a double: 2-2, 5-5. In this case the player may move two draughts. The difference between long and short backgammons is that the draughts move counterclockwise.

Speaking about short backgammons we should mention that they include 24 triangles (points). All of them has different colour and are divided in four groups: house, yard, opponent's home and opponent's yard. Like in long backgammon the player has draughts here. But they move in another direction towards each other.

Online backgammon like any other game needs certain skills and the high degree of proficiency. There are a lot of books about backgammon strategies have been written, but we advice you not only to read these books but also to practice playing backgammon, and only after that to start playing for money.

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