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Blackjack - well-known and unknown facts

Blackjack - well-known and unknown facts Share

Have you ever thought on the question why blackjack became the most popular game in casinos all over the world? What attracts people to casinos? "Excitement, pastime…" – you'll say. Certainly, yes. But the main reason which makes the casino so attractive is the winning. What do people expect from the game itself? Availability, simplicity, dynamic and…. the high probability to win and to exchange cherished tokens in the casino bank.

So blackjack is a card game that combines all the most important factors for many players. Blackjack is simple rules, a dynamic game and the simplest strategy in the card calculation. All these facts in sum give a player good chances to win in the casino. Especially if you play blackjack not for the first time and already follow your own experience of your previous playing in the casino. As for newbie, it would be very useful to read books written by Edward Thorp ("Beat the Dealer") and by Lawrence Revere ("Playing Blackjack as a Business"). Let's talk about these books that clue blackjack secrets.

In 1956 certain Roger Baldwin has wrote the article named "Optimal strategy for blackjack" that was published in the magazine "American statistic associations". Players that were described in this article in order to decrease the casino edge, while playing blackjack used mathematical calculations, theory of chances and calculators (!). The strategy, of course, wasn't perfect. That is why in a while Professor Edward Thorp continues Baldwin's work and improves the described blackjack strategy. Besides he has developed the first world technology of card calculations and published it in the book "Beat the dealer" mentioned below. In 1963 this book about blackjack became the best-seller according to the New York Times data. These events played a great role for the blackjack reputation and soon this game was crowned with success and became the most demanded game.

Nowadays blackjack still takes leading places among gambling games mostly due to online casinos existing. It is hard to believe now that the long time ago only Frenchmen had an opportunity to enjoy playing blackjack. And this game was called Vingt-et-Un that can be translated as "twenty one". On the CIS territory the game twenty one is well known as "point". This name has tightly settled in the nation awareness that even people who got nothing to do with the game blackjack and casino itself by reminding the number "21" frequently replace it for "point". But let's get back to the question how blackjack has transcended one country borders.

First references of the game came from the XIX century history, when with the migration of Europeans blackjack migrated to America. In America the game has got some rules' changes. For example if a player got jack and ace of spades he got the additional winning and the combination was called Blackjack. Referring to this rule we may say that the game had chosen the name by itself. Many great events were connected with blackjack. One of such events is an incident when the command of certain Ken Uston of five men using computers, plugged in their soles, won more than 100 thousands dollars during a short period of time. This machination of coarse was detected. But FBI wasn't able to consider the inventions that they have found as means for cheating in blackjack. This story had a happy end for its participants. Later the book "Big gamer" has been written on the base of this story. This book was very popular that time and even was honored to be cinematized. After that one more film about blackjack was made. All these films became a so-called visiting card of blackjack game.

Nowadays in time of high technologies you have all chances to touch the legendary blackjack without stepping away from your computer. As you might already understood it's very easy to win due to mathematic calculations. And the online casino makes it much easier. You are not under observation so you may use any help and refer to rules any time you like. Don't waste your time and good luck in this exciting blackjack world!