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Blackjack shortenings

Blackjack shortenings Share

As any other sphere of knowledge the world of gambling has its own established terms, definitions and abbreviations that carry necessary information for a player. Such abbreviation as S17, DAS, DO9 in blackjack in the online casino may call a diverse reaction not only from people, who are far from Internet gambling, but also from regular visitors of the online casino.

At first such shortenings certainly seem strange, but if you deep into the game atmosphere and visit tens of gambling sites, you understand that it is not just a senseless number of letters.

Thus, having entered the lobby of the casino and chosen Six-Deck Blackjack rules you face on such shortenings, as 6D, S17, DAS, DO9, RS=3, RSA, 1 card on RSA, LS10.

For the first sight it is just absurd row of symbols but if you pay your attention to it, you will understand that the rules of Six-deck blackjack are scrambled here:

  • 6D – 6 Decks
  • S17 – Soft 17 – it means that dealer should take an additional card if he has less than 17 points and should stop if he has 17 or more points, including the hand when an Ace gives 11 points.
  • DAS - Double After Splitting.
  • DO9 – double on hard 9.
  • RS=3 – re-split – the player may re-split only to 4 hands on the box (it means that you may make three additional hands).
  • 1 card on RSA – if the player has re- split Aces he gets only one additional card for each separate hand.
  • RSA – re-split aces – if the additional card is an Ace the player is given an opportunity to re-split them.
  • LS10 – late surrender – the player is not able to surrender if the first dealer's card is an Ace.

Having analyzed abbreviations you understand that they are the part of the game rules of the certain blackjack variant and they show the basic game rules, which player should know.

Besides, in various blackjack variants you may find such shortenings as:

  • NDAS – no double after split.
  • H17 – hard 17 – the dealer stops on hard 17.
  • ENHC - European no hole card – The dealer takes the second card only when the player have made a bet on his hands.
  • ES – early surrender – the player surrenders losing a half of his bet before the dealer checks his cards on the presence of the blackjack combination.

It is very easy to play blackjack but it might be hard to study each word in blackjack abbreviations in order to orient in players' discussions where they use special slang for the description of certain situations. Spare 10 minutes for these terms studying – and you will never have problems with understanding of the subject, which is discussed by blackjack players of both real and online casinos.