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How does bonus hunting work

How does bonus hunting work Share

Nowadays you can hardly find a casino without bonuses: registration bonuses, 1st, 2nd, 3 th, 4th deposits , opinion bonuses, loyalty bonuses, alternative payment bonuses. Despite the great variety of generous bonus offers players try to avoid any bonuses by any means. But there are gamblers who understand the value of bonuses and even hunt for then. They are called bonus hunters.

Bonus hunting is a study how to use casino bonuses with maximum profit. Bonus promotions motivate gamblers to play at casino more and more. Bonus hunters manage to play a little, but to gain a lot. Bonus hunting is considered one of the ways of earning money in the Internet. There are special websites at which you can find information on "how to turn casino bonuses into $100 profit a day".

How does it work? Casinos provide the biggest bonuses on the first deposit. Big first deposit bonus is the great start for any player, as even with little deposit amount you have more chances to gamble and win To get as more bonuses as possible bonus hunters start creating new accounts in online casino. With this they can get more bonuses without playing at the casino in future. There are only a few bonus hunters who can earn money with bonus hunting, as to be a good bonus hunter you need to be a really good gambler. You need to know casino games rules and strategies properly.

In Terms and conditions of every casino you may find the article about that one player can have only one account. Hence bonus hunters are cheaters. But casinos have found the way to detect bonus hunters. That's why bonus hunting is a doubtful and disputable way of making money. Every bonus has wagering requirements – the amount of bets you need to make before you can withdraw bonus money. If you are a newbie or inexperienced player you can just loose both bonus and deposit money by playing without basic strategy.

High wager requirements is another way to deal with bonus hunters. In addition to high wager requirements casinos have set the list of games which are not counted in wager requirements. These are roulette, poker, blackjack, the games with minimal risk bets (even chances bets in roulette, insurance in blackjack). All the spectrum of software solutions helps casino administration to detect bonus hunters among ordinary players. If several players use the same computer, IP address or use the same payment system account they can be suspected as bonus hunters.

Use online casino bonuses smart and you are guaranteed great gambling experience and huge winnings.

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