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Bookmaker fork

Bookmaker fork Share

Bookmaker fork is an opportunity of player to bet on all possible results of match in various bookie companies and get small profit from the bet sum independently of game results.

The definition of "bookmaker forks" has appeared in the gambling industry quite a long time ago. This phenomenon arose due to the competition among bookmakers companies. Taken up with idea to get the greatest profit for their bookmaker companies, managers of these companies calculated the most profitable coefficients for them. And surely factors for the same sport event in different bookies were different. Finally this situation was solved by resourceful players.

Players desiring to get much profit were looking for new opportunities of enrichment. And, having noticed, how the coefficients may differ in different bookies companies, they made determining discovery:

If you bet on the certain team winning in the bookie company where the factor on such result is the highest, and in another bookie company, where the coefficient for the same team fail is the highest – the winning for the player is guarantied with any game result.

But this discover, no matter how genius it was, couldn't solve all players' problems. As bookie companies changed payout factors while betting players should unite in teams and scatter on various bookie companies synchronizing their actions via telephone according to the preliminary agreement.

You surely would like to know how to figure out bookmaker fork. It is quite easy.

Step 1

Find the highest coefficient on the certain sport event result in yjr certain bookie company.

Step 2

Find the maximal coefficient on the opposite result in other bookie company.

Step 3

Deduct 1 from each coefficient.

Step 4

Multiply these coefficients.

Step 5

If in result of these calculations you get more than 1, you have bookmaker fork.

As it is well known Internet gives great opportunities. Due to Internet bookmaker forks have got "the second breathe". The player may register in few bookie companies at the same time and make bets synchronically using steps mentioned above. Such an option is the great advantage for the player.

Although there are disadvantages as well:

  • 1. It's hard to find the bookmaker fork – you should use special programs.
  • 2. The profit of the fork is not more than 10 %.
  • 3. In order to get more profit you should bet quite a great amount.

But the indubitable advantage of bookmaker forks remains the fact that in any result you get your profit.