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Online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses Share

Having made research in gambling industry, you would notice, that almost all casino online offers various types of bonuses to its visitors.

I think it is not necessary to explain, that bonus is enticing encouragement, given by casino online in order to urge the visitor to become the client of this casino online. Bonuses are usually provided only for registered clients, that is why we can make such a conclusion. There are three types of bonuses – initial bonus, bonus for deposit and bonus for friend. Let’s talk about these three basic types of bonuses more detailed.

Initial bonus

This bonus is provided only for casino newcomers and bonus size is defined by casino. This type of bonus is the most popular, that plays very important role in on casino choosing. In some casino visitor gets direct money encouragement (bonus without depositing), but unfortunately, it happens very seldom. More popular become per cent charging on client’s account. The size of such bonus depends on size of your initial deposit. The most generous casino gives 100 and more per cent of deposit.

Thus if you are a newbie in the gambling world, we strongly recommend you to study carefully the information concerning presented bonuses. Usually inconspicuous information written in small print tells what encouragement on which terms is given.

Most online gambling institutions don’t charge initial bonuses in certain currency. Player is given so called points, that player may turn in cash money by successful winning back. The overwhelming majority of casinos online prefers not allow its visitors to cash bonuses until value of his bets exceeds bonus value.

Bonus for account depositing

Most online institution offers their players bonuses for account depositing, it means casino encourages player for following putting money on the active account to stimulate him for future playing. This may be bonus for the second, third or twentieth deposit. Even taking into account the fact that you are unable to cash your deposit bonus increases chance for winning and gives player the opportunity longer enjoy the game in favourite casino online.

Bonus for friend

“Don’t play alone, invite your friend and get bonus!” – such slogan is common for casinos online, that provides bonus for attracting new clients to their casino. This type of bonuses is the most unpretentious encouragement of all programs of loyalty and is given to every gamer, who bring a friend to the casino. Usually player that you have invited should make bet for certain sum and only then the bonus will be available.