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Casino inside - smart design

Casino inside - smart design Share

Having appeared long time ago in small summer houses casinos have overcome the long way of development. Modern casinos occupy whole buildings of great areas. Shining, sophisticated, alluring casinos are similar to shimmering lights attracting players like butterflies.

Certainly, the greatest intellects of gambling business are working over the casino's creation. The main aim of casino's creators is to attract as many visitors as it is possible. And the design plays the first fiddle in the casino creation. The best psychologists and designers work in order to create the harmony inside and outside the casino: the light, the color gamma, the staff and even décor elements.

It is OK with designers, many people will think. But why psychologists? Their role is to advice to the interior designers those hooks that will make players spend more time in the casino. Thus all the world casinos have no clocks on the walls. This fact has nothing to do with the expression "happiness takes no account of time", the thing is that the lack of clocks allows players to lose the control over the time during the game. It is well-known that time flies while gambling. The effect of the lack of clocks is supported by the lack of the day light. There is no day or night, morning or evening in casinos. The time is only for playing.

The special comfort is being reached with the help of furniture and atmosphere. The nice music, the subdued light and the polite staff help to create the special atmosphere. All this is suited with free drinks and snacks, live show. Imposing men are dressed in expensive suits gorges ladies - in full dresses. You wish to stay here forever. And the glass of whisky urges you on playing, the croupier is considerate and wishes you luck, good spirit and good fortune, and the waiter serves you snacks right to the table where you are playing.

The color gamma in the casino design deserves the closer attention. Especially it concerns carpets. If you look to the carpets that are used in casinos not within the casino building you'll be terrified. Nobody would like to see this tastelessness that contains all colors of the rainbow. But within the casino this carpet looks differently. The aim of this tasteless carpet is to repulse the players' attention to the game.

There is The Gambling Research Center in the USA. The director of this centre Dave Schwartz states that these horrible carpet colours force people to play more.

You can find the cash desk in any casino right in the centre of the gambling institution. Can you guess why? The player should pass the line of shining and attractive slots before he reaches the cash. The probability that he will be seduced and decide to play once again (the last one) increases in many times. There were lots of incidents when the player just couldn't bring his winning to the cash and lost it at the playing tables in a half way.

But if players have managed to win in casino, the casino will provide them with many services: free rooms in the casino hotel, sophisticated limo to drive them home, the bottle of expensive champagne, ladies escort and many other expressions of the high regard. Who wouldn't like to refresh this success? That is why all players come back to the casinos again and again.