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Casino dress code

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People always strive for self-expressing with the help of clothes and accessories. Our up-to-date world turns the fashion industry into the real cult thing and now nobody is surprised by such a fancy word as “dress code”. This word has become quite current. And now, be it the office work, the presentation in a gallery or just a night club – there is a definite clothes form for each establishment. The same thing is with the casino.

If you revert to the time, when casinos attracted their first visitors, you see that this scene was neither more nor less than the solemn and exciting appearing in high life. The first visitors in casinos were people with the status. And the financial circumstances of the casino guests were on the first place. Of course, the doors of the gambling house could fly open not for all comers.

With the growing popularity of casinos all over the world, the number of people, willing to get to this “closed” establishment, was growing. Now as the profit has always been the essential thing for the casino, it leaded to the emergence of gambling houses with much less modest demands all over the world. Also it affected the appearance of visitors. For example, the world most popular gambling city – Las Vegas – is famous for the freedom of choice. Here a player may look as he/she pleases. More often visitors that do not pay attention to their appearance say: “It does not matter how I look like! I want to spend a million!” Certainly, such familiarity is allowed not in all establishments. Even Las Vegas, so democratic in every way, has several casinos, where the entrance is free only for men in tuxedoes and women in evening gowns. And the ladies’ accessories should be chosen in order to emphasize the elegance and value of their costumes mildly. Also you should not forget the shoes. It has the great value, and it is the first thing the security of the casino pays attention to. But the price of your costume does not guarantee you that you will succeed in getting into the casino. If the establishment personnel consider you’re your costume is unbecoming or too vulgar, you won’t bring anyone around to your point of view. If the casino wants to stress the elite status of the establishment, the demands to the visitors are quite stronger. In that case, not only your clothes but also your presentation matter.Sometimes, there are such exceptions as casinos that divide the territory, for example, with a night club. In this case the gambling house makes concessions for the night club. And the atmosphere in such casinos as a rule disposes to the freedom of action.

Shortly resuming the question: “What to wear going to the casino”, we are eager to say: “Maybe just register in the online casino and save several thousands?”