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Why it's important to read the rules of online casino. Part 1

Why it's important to read the rules of online casino. Part 1 Share

There is a famous joke that "Russians turned out to be the most quick reading nation of the world, as they manage to read Terms and conditions in 2-3 seconds". That's true we really tick off in the tick box "I accept..." without even reading it. Too bad! We can avoid a lot of problems by reading or even scamming Terms and Conditions of using online casino.

What things you should pay attention to when you read Terms and Conditions of using online casino. Viruses, trojans, worms. High-class casino must provide its users with the guarantees that its programs cannot be dangerous for its client computers. If casino's software may cause some virus infections for your computer you might think about choosing another casino to play at.

Lock-outs. Unfortunately, casino server as any other server may have different lock-outs and malfunctions in its operation. Such malfunctions can happen in really bad time when you play at online casino, especially when you win. Find out if your bets and game situation are saved after possible lock-outs. Really good casino can guarantee recreation of game session from exactly the same position even in games with live dealers (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker). After restoration of connection between your computer and casino server you can keep on playing the game with all bets you've made, but only in ordinary game with RNG.

The territories where online gambling is banned. Using the online casino site, depositing money at your casino account and making bets can be considered as law violation in some jurisdictions. As a rule, the casino provides its clients with the list of such jurisdictions. If there is no such list try to find out whether it's allowed to play at online casino in your country or the country you are temporally based.

Inactive accounts. It may happen that you don't play at online casino for really long time, but there is still some money at your account. Accounts with no transactions made within long time are called inactive accounts. Some casinos mention that they can withdraw money from all inactive accounts after a certain time period with prior noticing to the account owner. Inactivity period may vary from six months to two years or even more. That's a shame if you check your email not often, and as a result you lose your money.

You may be surprised, but the Terms and Conditions you accept during the registration at online casino site may be changed. Every online casino is entitled to change or amend its rules and terms without prior notification to the clients. If the changes or amendments are really important you will be notified about them with email-message. You are recommended to read over the Terms and Conditions once in a while.