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Omens and Superstitions in the casino - how to draw Luck

Omens and Superstitions in the casino - how to draw Luck Share

The casino is a perfect source of omens and superstitions of the player. The lucky table, place, card, croupier… Perhaps, we can extend the list of such signs ad infinitum.

Where may superstitions play such a great role if not in the casino, where players trust themselves into Fortune’s arms? Of course! Because it is so easy to frighten Fortune off! Some people think that superstitions are just nonsense, hardly any player, who is going to the casino in hope for breaking the great sum, will continue his way if he meets a black cat.

Superstitions are certain convictions according to which some events and phenomena are considered as prediction of future and demonstration of supernatural things. Roots of superstitions come from the extreme antiquity but superstitions still remain timely among modern society. Till nowadays there are a lot of prejudice related to automobiles, planes and telephones. And even Internet gradually accretes with signs. One again this fact proves as greatly people need of supernatural things. Superstitions play the great role for many people not only in their everyday life but also in the casino. If you trace the casino visitors’ behavior you will see that the playing part of people differs by the great superstitious and signs – methods of influence on fortune, ways of getting luck favor in this sphere really differ from the standard.

And it is not surprising, as Fortune plays the main role in gambling. Playing in the casino is first of all gambling, risk, adrenalin and of course fortune. Among the great number of gambling admirers the opinion exists that really you may involve good luck to your side with help of certain rules observance.

Thus, for example, some players prefer playing at the certain table, go to the casino in their “lucky” clothes or cut the deck only with the left hand and before betting a token they rub it against the table cloth. Other people before sitting at the table of roulette and risking their money look for the “lucky” table, at which the previous player has won. In order to change the unlucky place visitors often pour drinks on the table to get substantial reason for table changing. We should mention that not only visitors may be superstitious but also the casino’s staff does. Thus in the casino croupier’s badge you may find some kind of talisman: the photo of the beloved or a money note. Some dealers don’t fasten the shirt under the vest or pull out one shoelace.

Also according to the opinion of superstitious the following events may influence on good or bad luck of the player:

- Children near gambling institution is certainly predict bad luck for casino
- Many men come to the casino in company with their women-talismans
- An opened wet umbrella in the casino is considered as bad sign
- It is not recommended to look in mirror before the game, either it is poker, blackjack or slots, because it promises you fail.
- You should never play in the casino for somebody else’s or borrowed money
- Hardly any player will play in the building where any dog is.

Somebody will read this written-above thing and will agree with this information in mind, somebody will smile and somebody will treat reluctantly - each of us has own opinion for this question. To be superstitious or not it is your choice. But you should remember – the casino's Fortune loves those who are devoted to the game!