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To download or not to download - that is the question!

To download or not to download - that is the question! Share

The visitor who has just taken the great interest in gambling doesn’t have any idea what gambling houses are worth playing and what principles he/she should follow while picking the online casino. Such doubts do not concern only rules and game modes, but also the technologies on which this casino operates. In this article we would like to review downloaded and non-downloaded casinos that operate on Flash and Java technologies.

Downloaded casino presupposes free programs that casino distributes for free and offers to download on the players’ computer (for example, Europa Casino, Casino William Hill, etc.). It is commonly considered that such soft is the safest. In order to start playing in downloaded casino player should visit site of playing site and press “download casino” and after that the dialog window and you should chose option – “save”. After the file browsing is finished you should install the program directly into your computer. It is enough to click on the browsed file and the installation will start automatically. After the installation you may visit the casino by clicking on the tag. And all spectrums of casino’s games are available without any restrictions. Many downloaded casinos offer incomplete assortment of games (slots, roulette, blackjack, etc.) which can be played without soft installation to their players. However such games are not multifunctional and don’t allow you to enjoy the graphic and sound. They are created with the aim to attract the player and motivate him/her to download the full version. It is enough install soft on your computer once and it is always accessible to you. As a disadvantage of downloaded casinos we may point out the one thing – installed casinos will be available only from your computer. Besides, the installation procedure takes your valuable time.

Non-downloaded casinos may be divided into: Java casinos (casino created with help of java language) and Flash casinos (games, that operate under Adobe Flash). HTML casinos presuppose games that operate in the browser and may use both java and flash technologies as well.
Such casinos don’t demand any additional actions from the player. You needn’t waste your time on the soft downloading and installation into your computer. It is enough to have a PC, laptop, net-book or even mobile phone, access to the Internet and your desire to play. You just visit the casino site and start playing. At first you should try yourself playing for fun. Such demonstration mode is available practically in any online casino. Due to this mode you may study game rules, try to apply any strategy or just pick the game that suits you. In fact you don’t have to register in order to play in the practice mode. If you have decided to play for money in non-downloaded casino you have to pass the simple registration procedure as you start playing for real money and may win the real prize.

Non-downloaded Internet casino gives an opportunity to the player to play his favourite games using any Internet browser. Any game that you will choose opens in the window of your browser. There are lots of advantages of non-downloaded casino. But the main one is availability; it means that you may use not only your computer but you may play on any machine (including mobile phone) with access to internet. There are several non-downloaded casinos - Russian Casino, Va-Bank Casino, etc.

In conclusion we must add that Internet has numerous casinos and they are quite diverse. In spite of this variety you should approach this issue thoroughly and decide in favor of that casino, which not only offers you the highest payout factors but is also easy-to-use.

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