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Celebrities and casino

Celebrities and casino Share

Casinos household is open for all keens of gambling. And very often among casino visitors you may meet people with the star status. In spite of the created screen image the celebrities are still ordinary people. They also have their own hobbies and passions. For some of them it is gambling.

More and more often the popular persons agree to tell us, why they like visiting casinos. Thus for example the famous figure skater Plushenko states: "I can allow myself to lose few hundreds of dollars in the casino. But I play only for pleasure, to dismiss the stress and to relax. If I want I will visit the casino when I would be abroad." And really, the interest to the famous people is always higher and stars usually try to keep in secret the sums that they leave during the gambling houses. The world history of gambling remembers the events when from the casino addiction suffered talented, gifted, respected people.

For example, the letters of Dostoevsky to his wife are the best illustration of this fact: "Anya, my dear, beloved, I have lost everything, everything!... I will never ever play again…I have pledged both the ring and my winter coat and have lost everything…. And that is why I am begging you, Anya, my angel: send me 50 franks so I could pay for the hotel…" (18 of November 1867). This letter unfortunately was not both the first and the last. The famous and creative people are more subjected to the gambling addition than other people. From the one hand this phenomenon is partly connected with the fact that stars' fees allow them to spend their time in the casino. From the other hand actors, singers, writers are creative and emotional people that always search for inspiration, new pleasures and new emotions. The casino is able to provide the whole range of emotions. However all these features do not relate to all creative figures. Timati says: "I don't play in the casino at all, although I have concerts there sometimes. But these are two different things – to give a concert or to play. Casinos have never prevented and won't prevent me." Also the famous showman Dmitriy Dibrov tells about his attitude to the gambling houses: "According to my form of activity of course I attend casinos. Few times I have played by myself but moderately without foibles. I was the host of various shows including the intellectual games like "Who wants to be the millionaire".

Drew Barrymore confesses that playing слотами calms her. Drew states that nothing else may ease her as the jingling noise of coins that fall into the slot. Besides, Justin Timberlake, Mariia Sharapova, John Bon Jovi and other figures of the show business sphere were noticed doing the same. But there are also other reasons according to which celebrities may visit casinos. Thus for example in the USA the charity gambling became popular long time ago.

Jointly with star representatives of Hollywood the biggest casinos in Vegas contribute money that they have gained due to the game for the various needs: from shelters for animals up to the ecological projects. Especially charitable poker tournaments are popular nowadays. As playing in these tournaments fans may observe their idols. The inveterate poker players are such world-famous people as: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, Tobey Magurie and others.

Each country has its heroes. And heroes sometimes attend casinos where occasionally they become like others - the part of the game.