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Charles Wells - the most successful roulette player

Charles Wells - the most successful roulette player Share

How many people that have managed to break jackpot playing roulette without tricking do you know? Charles Wells is a player who managed to conquer wheel of fortune and get the great money without rules breaking.

Wells wished to be famous and rich from the childhood and he decided to reach his aim due to game roulette. In order to start his way to success he had to resort to cheating. In order to get initial sum for playing roulette Charles pretended inventor and get money for his projects creation in such way. When trusting people gave him money for fictional inventions he went directly to casino and spent all money there.

In that time the owner of the famous casino in Monte Carlo was looking for the way to attract clients and decided that the best advertisement is the winning of great amount of money. The owner decided to bring up new rule in roulette game. According to this rule when player won all tokens from the table due to successful game new bank shouldn't be brought at once. Now playing table should be covered with black cloth for some time and this action meant that player has broke the bank. Only after that the new sum was brought to the table.

Having got few thousands that he gained in unfair way in the pocket Charles Wells came to casino of Monte Carlo. And for 11 hours of playing roulette the playing table was covered with black cloth 12 times. It means that the Fortune was so favorable to Wells that he has managed to break bank 12 times and win about million francs for one single day.

One more million francs the lucky man has won in half of year. This time he has spent in casino little bit more time – the great amount of money he has managed to reach for three days of playing roulette. One of his bets won five times in succession – it was the bet on the number 5. Due to his luck player became popular all over the world he was not only talked about, people even wrote songs about him.

Player's popularity grown up and he got used to luxurious life – he spent all his money rashly and soon he was in low water. Taking for grand Fortune favour player again came to Monte Carlo in hope to break jackpot again. But this time the Fortune wasn't so favorable or maybe player just wasn't able to stop in time but after the series of winning he lost all his money.

And Charles' failures continued the next failure was arrest of Wells. He was accused in swindle and he was put in jail for 8 long years. After his release he started again cheat people, coaxing money out them for his invention and was arrested again. This time he was put in jail for five years. And in 1926 the legendary lucky man has died in Paris and this player who had millions spent his last days in poverty.

But in spite of all these facts for hazard players the name of Charles Wells is associated with the man who has managed to make his wish come true and feel sweet taste of winning the Wheel of Fortune.