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Casinos and cheaters in 2011

Casinos and cheaters in 2011 Share

Number of Ocean's 11 might be bigger if Mr. Ocean would have known about those master-cheaters who can cheat best world casinos and earn millions of dollars. All their ideas were brilliant, but they were caught by the police. In what ways were casinos scammed in 2011

There are a lot of talented pepople in Chineese Macao, the second world gambling capital. Replaced shufflers. Cheaters from Macao, high-tech pros scammed some casinos for more that $24 million by playing baccarat. Original shufflers (devices to toss the cards automatically) were replaced with the special ones with cameras, mirrors and transmitters. Cameras were discovered during the regular maintanance check. As a result, seven people are arrested; dealers of scammed casinos are suspected in this case.

Baccarat seems to be the favourite game among cheaters of Macao. Scheme was pretty much the same, but it was sophisticated: cameras were not in the shuffler but in the sleeve of the player. Dealer who was "on board" asked one of the players to cut the shuffle before the start. This helped a scammer to make a record of the cards order and their suits. After a few games scammer left the table and brought the record to his partner who traced the future cards and reported them to the other group members. The following baccarat games were especially lucky for some players.

In 2011 Cannes casinos saw not only movie stars and people of art but also and Italian scamming gang. The scheme used marking cards is known long ago, but it was performed in an interesting way. The casino dealers marked the cards with ultraviolet and then repacked them. All gang members had special lens detecting ultraviolet. Pit-bosses started suspecting "lucky" players immediately, but couldn't figure out how it worked. Now all the gang is behind the bars and casinos know a new way to be cheated.

There are a lot mathematical theories and calculations in playing roulette. Serbian scammers gang operating at London casinos used Mathematics in slightly different way. Serbs used mobile applications calculating the average speed of the roulette ball. The other program gave scammers approximate game outcomes. They just made winning bets.

As you can see casinos are still being cheated, but cheaters are still being caught even after a long time period. We recommend you to play only at honest and responsible online casinos where neither you nor casino can be cheated.