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Dice history

Dice history Share

Dice is considered the most ancient gambling game known. This article is devoted to the history of the game inventory – the dice history.

Subjects like the modern dice existed in Ancient Egypt, China, Rome Empire, Sumerian civilization and Ancient India. People believed that dice were given to people so they don't bother gods with trifles. In Ancient Rome the outcome of the game was determined by Luck goddess, Zeus daughter – Fortune.

Dice were used in war conflicts, ruler election and other important processes. Dice were involved in future prediction and medicine of that time. Before the modern six edged cubes the dice were made of animal (mostly the sheep) bones, teeth, horns, seashells, fruit stones. In Ancient India people predicted their future with four edged cone instead of six edged cube.

As soon as the dice started to be used for gambling the players tried to disobey gods will or just cheat other players. At Roman city of Pompeii archeologists have found dice overweighed to one side, so the player using it had more chances of certain number falling. In prevent dice cheating in Medieval Europe there was the Gild of dice makers which was to detect wrong shaped or heavy dice.

There is a great variety of material used for dice making – bronze, agate, alabaster, marble, rock crystal, amber. Rich people could afford gambling with dice made of gold, silver, ivory or even porcelain.

Interesting facts about dice There are right- and left-handed dice. Left-handed dice are usually used among the gamblers of Asia. Modern dice are still having spots instead of numbers as it's the tradition to use spotted dice since the day when people didn't know how to write numbers.

Online casinos provide their players with lots of games with dice like different kinds of sic bo, high low or craps. These games can usually be found in Other Games menu of the online casino. Read more about these games at Other games reviews.