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The best time for escaping the game

The best time for escaping the game Share

There is great quantity of narrow-mindedness on the theme – when you should fink out of the game playing slots online. Many people end the game when they have lost certain sum of money – for example 10 or 20 dollars. There are also people who have another approach to game – they do the exact opposite – they fink out of the game right after getting great winning.

When is the best time to escape the game? Let's talk over various theories.

End game after a big winning

One of the most widespread habits for finking out of the slots is to end the game after great winning. But the idea of "big" winning is subjective. What sum is considered as big one, 200 coins or more?

It is supposed that when you reach certain sum you put an end of playing slots for today. But it doesn't mean that you should persistently keep playing until you reach the needed sum in 200 coins. You may get tired or your bankroll may be exhausted before you win this sum. The sense of this theory of escaping the game after getting big winning consists in the fact that you may withdraw great sum. But if you estimate coefficients you understand that chances for great winning are too slight.

We also should remember that game can't memorize previous results when you play slots online. Your chances for winning great sum are the same as in previous spin.

End game after bad spin

There is also opposite theory according to which you should escape the game after losing spin. For example you get tired of playing and lose few sessions running you should better end the game after unsuccessful spin. The logic of this theory is quite simple, if you are tired and the run of luck went against you the probability of losing session is higher.

This system is neither better nor worse than previous one. It doesn't give any advantage. Again, results in slots are formed at random, so even if you have lost five times running it doesn't give you guarantee that you will win at next spin.

Play until you reach your limit for loss

Some people playing slots don't pay attention to small winnings as they are targeting exactly on jackpot. It happens when player has formed certain bankroll for playing slots and doesn't worry about escaping game after winning or losing. Imagine that you have formed bankroll of 500 dollars; you may escape the game after losing 30-50 dollars for session. The logic of this method in the fact, if you are disciplined in controlling your bankroll your chances for winning in slots online are higher.

Remember about your preferences

The main idea of our discussion is there is no ideal time for escaping the game. You may unriddle whether you should end the game before or after getting great winning, but it never influence on the your chances for winning at next spin. The main criteria in right time for stop playing determining are your bankroll and your discipline. If your bankroll is 300 dollars and you decided to end the session when you loose 30 dollars, then you should end the game when you have lost 30 dollars no matter was your last spin profitable or not.

And you should never forget about your preferences.

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