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Gambling legalization in Ukraine during Euro 2012

Gambling legalization in Ukraine during Euro 2012 Share

Prior to the Euro 2012 Internet sites and newspapers were discussing the news of the possibility of Ukrainian legal casinos running during the football championship. Although they were supposed to work only at 5-star hotels and luxury resorts, it 's a big step for Ukrainian government.

Despite all the hopes and dreams the draft wasn't considered in Ukrainian Rada and the legal casino in Ukraine is still beyond the law. Some gambling experts claim that the project would have been successful if it was represented earlier, it takes too much time to reestablish gambling infrastructure within such short period of time. The legal casinos would have found lots of visitors during the Euro 2012. All foreign football fans, Russians and Ukrainians would have been glad to play blackjack or poker at the legal casino. Law abiding Europeans would never gamble in the illegal casinos moreover in the foreign country.

The legal casino at the territory of Ukraine would give it a chance too became gambling tourism country. Belarus is a good example for CSI countries.

Besides the casino the draft included the regulations of the bookmaking activity. Legal sport betting during the great football championship would be a great economic fortune for Ukraine. Unfortunately, Ukrainian government didn't use the possibility to cover part of Euro 2012 expenses with the profitable casino and bookmaking activity.