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Long run of one color on the roulette: is it ok?

Long run of one color on the roulette: is it ok? Share

Gamblers use strategies of increasing/decreasing bets like Martingale or d'Alambert systems to play roulette online. When keeping to the strategy rules you loose don't blame it on the casino dishonesty or "special" roulette. There is a reasonable explanation.

The first thing every roulette player should know is that there is no winning strategy for playing roulette! There is nothing strange when roulette ball falls in the same color several times in a row, as the chances of falling in black or red are equal. Let's use mathematics and calculate the probability of the ball falling in red in one spin of European roulette. European roulette has 37 cells: 1 zero, 36 numbers (from 1 to 36 inclusive). 18 of 36 numbers are red, the same number is for the black cells. The probability of hitting red in one spin equals 18/37. The second thing every player should keep on mind is that roulette ball doesn't has a memory. The same situation is about coins (heads-and-tails) and dices (craps), they don't remember their "previous actions". That means that the probability for every next spin to hit red color is the same and equals 18/37. In American roulette (roulette with double zero) this probability equals to 18/38, in roulette boule (roulette without zero or no zero roulette) it equals to 4/9.

Most of players think that the long run of one color happens not often or it is impossible. We are sure that after series of nine spins of red color the tenth spin will be black, although the probability for red and black are the same. When gambling passion takes over gamblers use to value the probability of the future events mistakenly. In science this phenomenon is called "gambler's fallacy" or "Monte Carlo fallacy".

Gambler's fallacy is the wrong perception of randomness. We make our calculations according to previous events, believe that our chances to win increase or decrease due to the preceding events. To estimate our chances and make winning bets we should understand that the next spin outcome doesn't depend on the previous spin out come which means that any sequence of colors is possible in playing roulette.

Gamblers fallacy is the fallacy is the phenomenon observed not only in playing roulette, but also in other games and human life sphere like financial analytics, trading and even in child birth (predicting of future child sex due to the sex of the previous children). And one more thing: don't let the gambling passion to affect your gambling style and control you. With all the accidentalness of the roulette game and the absence of perfect roulette game strategy millions of people manage to win fortunes by playing roulette in land based and online casinos. You may be one of them.