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Interesting facts about hazard games

Interesting facts about hazard games Share

No matter whether you are serious bettor or just regular player you certainly would like to know some interesting facts about gambling.

Casino design

Many people know that casinos try to attract players with original design, but what about the floor? Almost each casino has colourful carpet on its floor. The carpet is so bright that hardly somebody dares to lay such carpet at home. It seems that casino is always short of money when the designers start dealing with the floor and they try to save money on flooring. Indeed, casino owners just want their visitors attention to be focused on playing table and nothing else.

Non-flight zone

For many years Monte-Carlo was considered the main gambling Mecca of Europe. Up to nowadays this diminutive state attracts the richest people of the world. But it is quite hard to reach Monte-Carlo because there is no airport there. So, only trains, cars and helicopters are available for those who want to visit Monaco. The other interesting thing about Monaco is that residents never pay taxes and never play casino.

Poker president Richard Nickson

The 37-th president of the USA Richard Nickson owes to poker his political career. During World War II marine officer Nickson was a real cheater. He managed to win about 6 000 dollars from his colleagues. Now this sum is not so great, but for those days it was a furtune. This sum was spent on his successful election campaign in 1946 that made him a congressman.

Aristotle, the master of dices

Most people know Aristotle as Greece scientist and philosopher of ancient times. But they hardly know that there were also lessons of dice tricks in Aristotle school. In such way students mostly learnt probability theory, but Aristotle was a skilled craps player.

Roulette - perpetual motion

The roulette game has been the most popular game in casino since its origin. The interesting fact is that nobody tried to invent the game. In 17th century French mathematic Blaise Pascal tried to invent perpetual motion machine and his invention was used as the roulette reel.