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Slots, roulette, poker - what games are played in different countries

Slots, roulette, poker - what games are played in different countries Share

The world public has brought social ratings such as “The most drinking country” or “The most workaholic nation” into vogue for a long time ago. We also decided not to stay apart of this tendency and to find out what countries and nationalities are more hazardous and what casino games are paid attention to most in different spot of the globe.

There is a wide choice of different gambling strokes for different folks, and for different purse. Slots should be mentioned as one of the main ones – they lead the records in popularity both in offline and online casinos. Slots with light usability, understandable rules and stable winnings win the audience of almost all players of the world except for Asians! So in Macao slots are occupied less than other games. Also Asians are considered to be ardent fans of baccarat, and neither Americans nor Australian can accustom them to the general liking of slot machines.

The real fans of slots are Norwegians. Slots could be found at every turn – in drugstores, filling stations, supermarkets, parking. Also the citizens of Great Britain are notable for slots affection. As opposed to Norway here the state apparatus restrains the passion to this game of hazard. But Englishmen are known as inveterate debater as well. Perhaps you can’t find more betting shops as in England. They argue about everything in the world: racing, horse racing, the next tsunami country, etc. Not too much time ago several debates enrich themselves due to the death of Amy Whinehouse. When it comes to sport, hazardous British are able to forget about metal and ethical limits.

Two countries are distinguished by the special love for games of hazard, especially for roulette, they are Austria and Germany. The citizens of these states have lifted рулетку to the level of national entertainment.

In whole in Europe the most hazardous countries are Poland, Italy and Spain. Above-mentioned Great Britain, Austria and Hungary follow these three leaders. But no matter to the order of the countries in this list, the one thing is invariable that there are more men than women among players.

In the CIS countries there are quite a big amount of hazardous people and players among Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians. The case is that citizens of these countries are prohibited or prevented playing. That’s why intellectual, strategic and lawful poker is becoming popular on the territory of these countries.

In short it is difficult to single out only one country or nation, which plays better or more than others. Fortunately our world is so diverse as well as the variety of games in online and offline casinos.