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The list of things needed for home poker

The list of things needed for home poker Share

If you have decided to arrange poker at home for the first time here is the list of things that you definitely should have. To read more information about poker in ruissian click here.


It is quite obviously. No players – no game. To find 6 or seven regular players is not so easy. You should find friends who are interested in game. If you don't have so many friends who like poker you may ask if they have friends who would like to take part in home poker. You also may find players in internet – on the thematic forums.


Cards are definitely needed for the game. If you are going to play for the first time – you may think that any card deck suits. If all players are newbie – maybe you are right. But if on the poker table gathered your skilled colleagues – it is better to prepare the deck of good plastic cards. The cheapest plastic cards cost about 15 dollars for two decks.


You may play poker on any table and if you a newbie you may use kitchen table. When your home poker games become serious and regular you may think about purchasing more convenient table. More demanding players purchase unique designer's tables. The price of the table varies from 150 to 300 dollars.


Poker tokens make cash game faster and they are certainly needed for tournaments. Plastic tokens are pretty cheap. But if you want purchase ivory tokens you should know that they cost about 30-50 dollars.

Dealer's token

Dealer's token is an important thing in poker game. There is always somebody who can lose the count. The dealer's token is good indicator that always remember you who should deal cards this time.


Actually you may arrange the game without this card. But the presence of cut card at the end of deck is an additional insurance from awkward situations. With this card nobody will see tha last card of the deck.


Now let's talk about real men's accessorizes, that make your home games legendary. Access to the fridge is very essential aspect that is why many people prefer playing on kitchen. You may store there your beer and snacks.