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Honesty control in russianspeaking casinos

Honesty control in russianspeaking casinos Share

All online casinos try to attract as many visitors as possible. They choose different means. Some casinos provide the great choice of games, others – interesting bonus programs, quick depositing and withdrawal of money. But casinos with long history and newcomers of gambling business face the same problem – the problem of players' distrust. Russians are very suspicious people. How can you trust something what you cannot see or touch. That's why on the sites of many Internet casinos you may find such pages as "honesty control", "honesty guarantee", "honest game", "safety" and the "randomness control".

Two things are obligatory for every reputable casino:

1. License. As gambling is forbidden in the Russian Federation, legal address of Russian speaking casinos can be placed in different countries (Costa-Rica, Cyprus, Canada, Great Britain). The license guarantees that casino will be policed by the jurisdiction of this country.

2. Without the license for gambling business no casino software provider will let the company to use its software. No license – no software, which means no casino. The most famous gambling software providers are Microgaming, Playtech, CryptoLogic, Boss Media. Less famous, but very promising companies are Ensis Technologies Inc. and Globo Technologies.

You may also find information about different auditing operations on the casino site. Independent accounting firms (the most famous are eCOGRA, Technical Systems Testing) check out payout – the ratio between bet sizes and winning sums. But the information about auditing operations and the names of famous accounting firms does not mean this auditing operation was held. Unfortunately, sometimes the independence of the company can be questioned. The ordinary visitor of the online casino can hardly check this information.

Russian speaking casinos and only Russian speaking casinos propose 100% guarantee of casino noninterference in the game process – honesty control. Before the game starts the casino generates random sequence of cards in the deck, cell numbers on the roulette, symbols on the reels. These results are coded, to be more precisely, hashed with special algorithms (MD5 or SHA-256), so the player gets the unique symbol sequence – the game digital signature. You can see it in the game window. After the game is over another code is created, the code with game results (those cards, numbers, symbols fallen during the game session). Having got these two codes the player can compare them, they have to be identical. It means that any, even slight change that happened after bets were made will cause the entire code change.

Is there anything better? This is an absolute guarantee of casino honesty! Why are some players confused? Honesty control is still a prerogative of Russian speaking casinos only. Foreign giants of gambling business do not hurry to acquire this innovation. Skeptic players constantly searching tricks in everything write about dishonesty of honest casinos at different gambling forums. They prove their words with the game results differing from assembly average of the chosen game strategies. After a bet on the "red" there are long sequences of "black". At the forums you may find the messages of hackers claiming they have compromised MD5 signature. All this makes you doubt about the casino honesty.

The only piece of advice we can give you: choose casino with good reputation. Reputation is made with years of honest work, with regular players and respective attitude to players.