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Break Jackpot – myth or reality?

Break Jackpot – myth or reality? Share

When you hear as the casino announces its readiness to pay 1 000 000 $ to the player in case of his winning, what do you think about it? At the best you think that chances for winning are one for billion. At the worst you think (and people more often think this way) that it is just a trick to attract visitors to the casino. But before making any conclusions you should study the history of such phenomenon as Jackpot, learn the definition of this word and its variants.

The concept "jackpot" was mentioned in the poker game for the very first time. The word of English origin Jackpot consists of two parts: jack – a card and pot – a bank.

Jackpot is the winning fund of the casino which is formed of certain percents charged on each bet. Usually the casino uses four types of Jackpot. Let's begin with the most popular Progressive Jackpot. The winning in this jackpot type is paid when you get the maximal possible combination. The next type is called "secret". In this type indeterminate percent of a bet forms the total Jackpot fund. Two other types are called "double trigger" and "entrance prize". The sense of "double trigger" is that a player gets the bonus game with higher bets. The "entrance prize" gives a player the fixed sum, which is played off randomly. Each casino has its own system but the principle is one for all casinos: the maximal payment is stipulated by certain circumstances (the winning combination).

But what sums may contain Jackpots? In the online casino Jackpot amount may vary from few tens thousands up to millions of dollars or euro. The highest Jackpot sum for all gambling history was 8 million dollars and this amount was won by the usual factory worker.

The history of gambling industry keeps in secret names of players who won Jackpot (surnames of players frequently are not disclosed for the wide audience in secure purposes), but some of them you may find in social nets and ask them by yourself about the winning and whether it is true that they have become rich in one moment, or request how long was their way to the desired winning. And the main question is how much money they spent on the way to this prize, playing in the casino. But before you start feverishly searching these people in Internet space, we would like to tell you about the Fortune's pets.

Let's start with low winnings. On September 21st of the leaving year 2010 player of Russian Casino certain Elena Naberezhny Chelny (Russia) won Progressive Jackpot. Her winning was 60 650 RUR and this sum brings happiness to its owner. The most interesting is that the winner got Jackpot with a 0.25 RUR bet.

The luckier player was Haydi B. from Ohio. Haydi won 1.2 million dollars on the site of the online casino Micro Gaming Casino. I wonder what feel usual citizen with average income getting such an amount. For example, the mother of many children Joe Collins spent 275 thousand dollars on a new house purchasing, a car and the trip to Australia. What we can say about a million…

As you may see anyone has chance to get to the wealth world. Although it's not easy. "You should concentrate your attention on pleasure that you may get by playing, but not on the winning and you will certainly win" – Michel says, the medic from the southern France, who twice won Jackpot in the online casino. He became 1 million and 60 thousands Euro richer. Maybe we should take his words into account?