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Lucky lottery ticket curse

Lucky lottery ticket curse Share

Have you ever heard of the lottery curse or lucky ticket curse? Stanford University scientists tried to find out how the life of the lottery winners changed.

The results were stunning. 9 of 10 winners end up loosing their millions within only a few years after the big winning. But money isn't the only thing they lost. Lucky tickets owners also have problems with their families, friends, self-respect and common sense. Here are some cursed money stories.

Juan Rodriguez has won $149 million in 2004 lottery. Two weeks prior his wife left him. But after the big prize news she has returned. Two weeks later she filed for divorce taking most of his money with her.

William "Bud" Post that won $16,2 million in 1988 end up broke. First, his ex-girlfriend sued him to give her part of the money. Then his own brother hired a professional murder to kill him, and the rest of the family made him to invest the business that failed and lead to the $500,000 debt. He spent a year in jail after he tried to shoot the banker. 1993 lottery winner Janite Lee won $18 million, but 8 years later she became the bankrupt as she was overly generous by giving all her money to all possible charity organizations.

But don't be afraid to buy lottery tickets, as there are also good stories about the winners that managed both to keep and enlarge their fortune. Like Lloyd Brown, the winner of the European lottery who has bought the company he has been working for many years. So now he's his own boss and expands his business.