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Mahjong game history

Mahjong game history Share

Mahjong (mah-jong) is a popular Chinese game developing memory and attention skills. Mahjong game is a ritual of balancing mind. Find out about mahjong history in the article.

The translation for the Chinese word mahjong is "sparrow". Sparrow is a tiny bird you can hardly catch. The same is about the game, it's pretty hard to play mahjong, well, until you learn the rules properly. Another version is the sound of mahjong dice resembles sparrow tweeting.

The exact time and place mahjong was invented is unknown. As the game with rich history it has lots of legends and stories. Like any other popular Chinese inventions mahjong is considered to be invented by Confucius, the great philosopher and mediator. The other version takes us to the times of Tiping Rebellion (1850—1864). One of the generals made his warriors to play mahjong in order to keep them awake during the service.

It's rather strange due to the geography, but the first European country that was conquered by mahjong was England. Eventually, as all other games, mahjong has become popular in the USA. In 1935 there was created National Mahjong League. One of the League tasks was to standardize the rules of mahjong, as the variety of regional and author variants (like the rules by J. Babcock) confused the players.

The unusual Chinese game is so respectable among the players that some of them refuse to play mahjong without play set made of cow bones or bamboo. This Asian game is also very popular in our country. You may find online mahjong in Other games of such casino as Europa, Tropez, Winner, William Hill. Enjoy playing mahjong in the best online casino.