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Good manners in blackjack

Good manners in blackjack Share

As you just mention the blackjack game everybody understand that it's not going to be easy. First of all blackjack is rules and strategy. It is not a surprise that many newbie players neglect the game etiquette. But if you are going to play blackjack you should observe some rules on the playing table, or you may face unpleasant surprises.

In this article we are going to discuss main points of good manners in blackjack game.

Mistake № 1 – touch the card

In many casinos players are not allowed to touch cards, as it increases opportunity to cheat. Developing this theme, such behave annoys dealer when after the cards dealing you touch cards or move the deck. Actually there no need to touch cards; dealer will make it by himself. That is why you may sit as comfortable as you can and relax, let dealers make their job.

Mistake №2 – disregard the dealer

One of positive points of blackjack online is that you may curse the soft ware, dealer and everybody who on your opinion is guilty in your bad cards as long as you want. In such case you may not think about dealer's feelings. But in offline casino you cannot behave like that. Here you also should give tips to dealer unlike online casinos. In offline casinos you should pay from 5 to 10 dollars per game hour (depending on bets). If you have problems with politeness, remember, that dealer is responsible only for cards that he automatically deals and for bets, winnings and other things response casino and fortune, that is hardly within your power.

Mistake №3 - lack of knowledge about blackjack strategy

No matter where you play blackjack online or in offline casino – you should know the strategy of the game. Finally the knowledge of strategy will allow you reduce casino edge up to 0.5%. With all evidence of all mentioned above some players don't think they should to learn even something about game strategy. In offline casino such position may enrage other players.

Mistake №4 – criticism of opponents

Even if you are the pro of blackjack strategy and know by heart the most popular books about the game it doesn't give you the right to comment actions of your opponents or point on failure of their decisions. Of course if you see that there is a newbie on the playing table, you may give him a hint some game nuance but you should do it very politely.

Mistake №5 – alcohol

One more rule of bad form is to drink on the table. In casino this rule is often neglected and waiters all the time serve drinks and snacks. If you drink one or two glasses of light drinks playing blackjack – it is quite normally but you should control yourself/ If you drink too much you risk to make wrong decisions and loose your strategy.

But if you play online you may do whatever you want, besides you save money on fare. Take that to account when you would like to play blackjack next time.