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Casino Monte-Carlo

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Monte-Carlo (Principality of Monaco), a paradise corner on the Mediterranean seashore, is considered to be one of the fashionable resorts. More than a half of tourists visiting this city every year come here to feel the gambling spirit.

Nowadays, the casino of Monte-Carlo is the example of the best casino. But more than 150 years ago it was the doubtful and dangerous place to play.

The history of Monte-Carlo as a gambling capital begins from the moment when the government of most European countries approved ban of gambling. It appeared to be a good chance for the ruler of the little state Charles III Grimaldi to start a new business. Owing to the small territory and little money the prince decided to build the first casino. The first casino in Monte-Carlo had a dreadful view; it was a rent building with two roulette tables and one card table. Former waiters became croupiers of this casino. Besides, this tiny state had really bad transport connection with the rest of Europe. Players searching for legal gambling could be robbed on their way back home. The situation has become completely different when the business got the first real investments. One of the investor was a French gambling businessman, Francois Blanc. He hired genius architecture Charles Garnier to make the design of the future casino. In 1863 Monte-Carlo saw first breathtaking palace made of white marble "Casino" (from ital. casino – "house"). Very soon this name became common. The Société des Bains de Mer established by prince Grimaldi and Blanc turned fading village into the high life resort. The visitors of the casino were only the richest people of Europe: Russian chapmen and successors to the English throne. The gamblers who left all their fortune at roulette tables could expect for casino help. Casino owners paid to "a miserer" the way to home.

The casino had secret police which was engaged in detecting potential cardsharpers, swindlers and pickpockets. The property of Casino players was of the uppermost value. To attract as many as possible visitors, the casino was holding different festivals and carnivals where tourists could hear stories about fortune winning and also buy the literature about 100% winning in roulette. Gambling is still a landmark of Monte-Carlo.

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