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Slot Pachinko

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Each single day in different cities of Japan hundreds of people are gathering in the playing rooms with Pachinko slots. All men and women with the hope of getting the winning are returning to this game again and again. Pachinko, the combination of slot and pinball, is extremely popular in Japan. Probably it has gained such popularity due to gambling ban in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In order to start playing Pachinko, a player should purchase many balls and put them into the machine. Falling at the great speed they move randomly through the installed nails and obstacles. As a result the main part of balls disappears. But if at least one of these balls gets into the pit in time, your winning is multiplied many times.

The aim of the game is to get as many balls as it is possible and then exchange them for value prizes. As it is forbidden to play for money in Japan, anything may be a prize, starting with cigarettes and ending with automobile. For the prizes of extra value the special institutions for exchanging are presupposed.

No matter how popular is pachinko nowadays, you should know that this game has survived many changes. In other words this game was improved. If initially this slot machine was mechanic, nowadays more often you will see its electron version that looks like a video slot. The modern slots are equipped with a round button instead of a lever that gives you an opportunity to regulate speed of balls moving. Besides this the pachinko slots are equipped with liquid-crystal displays in the center that highlight winning or just various reels. It is hard to believe that the first pachinko slot was created and fit out in 20s of XX century and had the name "Korinto gamy". And in 1930 the game pachinko has appeared in Nagoya and after that the quite long break was waiting for this game by the Second World War that lasted till 1948. And from this moment pachinko became its confident move to the gambling world. Firstly this game was approved by men and after it attracted the women's part. The contemporary owners of pachinko-rooms decorate them according to the latest fashion, create comfortable atmosphere with the pleasant music, stylish furniture, fountains, free coffee and sometimes champagne. Also you may often find the thematic rooms. For example there are rooms only for women, prizes in such pachinko rooms are dresses for women of Vivienne Westwood and Gucci accessorizes.

The most probably online casino won't go past such a popular game as pachinko. And soon you will have an opportunity to try yourself in virtual pachinko rooms. And the most significant in the online casino is that visitors may win money instead of cigarettes.

Few statistic data:

  • 15 000 000 of Japanese regularly play pachinko
  • 16 000 pachinko-rooms exist only in Japan
  • 3400 professional pachinko players are famous all over the world