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Pit-boss in casino

Pit-boss in casino Share

Casino is the entire mechanism the operation of which is directly depends on honest workers of casino. One of the most important specialists in casino is pit-boss. Pit-boss is a person, whose direct duties include supervising for the group of playing tables. It is a pit-boss, who is responsible for all games (roulette, blackjack and so on) follow strict rules.

The working day of pit-boss starts with opening of playing tables and ends with their closing respectively. But except this the person who occupies this position has rights to manage staff of gambling house. For example he may be responsible for croupiers, bank, security, hostess, the video surveillance ad so on. If there an argue appears on the playing table between interests of player and staff or just between players of casino, the pit-boss should resolve all these issues.

No matters how well-qualified the pit-boss is he should perform orders of his superior. The immediate supervisor of pit-boss is manager of the shift. Certainly in casinos of various levels pit-bosses ha various responsibilities. For example, in some casinos pit-boss is responsible for appearance of employees. While in other casinos pit-bosses do not have such duties, they pay attention only to the quality of the work of employees, their honesty and rules following.

It is not a secret that in gambling houses practice not once happened situations when the dealer was caught on the cheating. That is why to check staff for honesty is the direct duty of pit-boss. In addition to everything mentioned above pit-boss allocate time for the rest for all employees, controls attendance and brings to the end their working shift.

The person who occupies position of pit-boss should have certain qualities. Besides self discipline pit-boss should have quick reaction and observance. All these qualities are often applied in the case of disclosure of unclean hands players. Probably, the imagination of some people draws the pit-boss as the giant husky chucker-out. That is totally wrong. As pit-boss should have such qualities as tactfulness and flexibility for communication with high-rollers (players that make high bets). Pit-boss may give bonuses or discounts for such players dependently on situation.

To listen clients' complaints and make right decision are also quite responsible tasks. In casino often happen situations of emotional heat. And pit boss has to calm all nervous players down. As you understand pit-boss position is uneasy and demands great dedication. That is why this position is considered to be the substantial step in the ladder of advancement. The very first condition for getting this position is to have experience of working in casino.

Casino is refuge for wealthy people and for poor one's who wishes to enrich, for single women and men. It is a place for dependent and free people, for funny and those who are always suffer from depression. Casino meets its visitors on the highest level. And this is possible only due to well-formed team of workers, where main role plays pit-boss.