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Five types of gambler

Five types of gambler Share

To win the game gamer first of all should study his opponent's behavior. This process demands using your five senses, and sometimes you should use even sixth sense - serendipity.

In order to hold game successfully, first of all it is necessary to study your opponents’ behavior. This process demands from you activation of all five feelings, and sometimes even the sixth one – intuitions. Most of people usually believe their eyesight and appraises everything and everyone by appearance. But how can we appraise a rival in online casino if we don't even have possibility to see him?

First of all it is necessary to divide all casino visitors into some categories. Most of them are casual players, who attend casino to relaxes after (or during) the work, practice their abilities before the trip to Las Vegas or participation in poker tournament. This category of casino visitors shouldn't take your interest. They are not sharks of game, and are fans.

However, there are also other categories having defined which you can increase your chance for winning.
Below we will describe five gamblers types that casual player may meet in online casino.

  1. Professional gambler

It doesn’t meter whether you are sitting at the craps table, spinning roulette wheel or just have fun at poker table, each gambler dreams of being a pro.  After all, who doesn’t want to be the best?   However, real pros are rare phenomena, so if you’re lucky to get opportunity play with one, pay attention.  Note the strategy, the etiquette, the calm and focus. Having take note of useful strategy you can use it in practice and improve your game. The rest will improve your bluff and indicate that you are a force to be reckoned with.

  1. The Newbie

It’s a player with little or without any experience and he is the opposite of the Pro. Such player is considered to be an easy target for sharks of game.  Playing with newbies slows your game – they play very slowly, think over each move and consult with special literature before each wager.  They will likely lose, which is good for your wallet but bad for your conscience. Don’t play with player who is evidently weaker than you are, and, remember, we’ve all had a first game.

  1. The Chick

No offense, ladies. Maybe it sounds unfair, but there is no denying that women play casino games differently than men. Female players much more often use bluff. Most probably they won’t betray themselves by nick or in chat, but there are a lot of other methods to disrobe them. They never use abusive and vulgar language in comments, but use complex and affectively coloured phrases. But don’t think that ladies are weak opponents. For example, Vanessa Rousso, an American law student, won $1.6 million in her first two years of professional online poker play. 

  1. Gambler without rules

Such kind of players is unreliable artillery, powder keg. He can bet his entire bankroll on impossible odds. Let’s take for example Ashley Revell, the nuttiest nutball in gambling history.  He sold all his possessions and bet the profits plus his life savings on a single spin of the Roulette wheel in Vegas. Fortunately for him – most are not so lucky – he won and walked away with $270,000, double his starting bet. We recommend you more conservative bets. Risk is noble action, but player should be sound minded.

  1. The student

This type of online gemblers is the toughest to crack.  He gives his identity away with youngish chat comments and references to his friends on social nets.  Most often, he’s one of two types:  the card-counting, borderline autistic math genius or the sports crazed football fan who knows every player stat ever documented.  But, be warned.  He’s serious, with deep pockets thanks to mum’s no limit credit card and the ability to sit in front of a computer for six days straight.