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Playing hooks in poker

Playing hooks in poker Share

The variety of methods that the player applies is an indicator of his skills level. If you play poker quite often, sooner or later on your limits you will undoubtedly face regular players who may correct their game style according to you and beat you.

In order to avoid such a situation you should use various techniques, which will make you a close book. The wide tactic arsenal will have quite positive influence on your game results as well.

If you have just started studying poker, you are in the extreme need of learning basic poker hooks that are widely used by both usual players and poker pros. To the basic poker hooks refer: Bluff, Check – raise, slow play, free card getting and stealing of the blinds.

Bluffing is unsubtly the most famous method in poker. Poker bluffing is raise or bet during the game with the hand that hardly may win. As usual bluff is divided on pure and half bluff. The skilled poker players use bluffing only when they play with just one opponent. There is no reason to use the bluff playing with low limits because in such sessions bluff may be accepted even just a sustained bet.

Getting the free card. In poker a free card is a card to get which you don't need to make a bet. More often such a term is used in stud poker and in hold'em, during which few haggling circles are held. Besides, you may get the free card playing draw poker, if the other opponents have passed before swapping. On the flop from the last position you also may raise the bet in order to make all opponents check on the tern. If on the tern you haven't got the needed card you have an opportunity to make check in order to see the river without additional bet. And thus you get the free card.

Check – raise is the check with the intention to raise if someone of your opponents will raise the bet. This method is usually used if the poker player has an ordinary hand and he/she is trying to make opponents to fold cards. This hook is also used when the player has the high hand and he wants to increase bank or this method is applied when the player is bluffing.

Slow play is a traditional hook that is applied in order to hide the value of the hand. This method is used quite often by both newbie players and poker gurus. On the perfect terms your opponents also should have high hands, and then they will input as much money as they have into the game. But we strongly recommend you not to use slow play in case if the free card will let your opponents to form the card combination that is higher than yours. Also you shouldn't use this hook when the game bank is very high.

The blinds stealing is the bet raising on the pre-flop from the last positions if anyone player has enters the game before. Having raised the bet you make your opponents to fold cards trying to get their initial bets. You may use this method with any hand.

However you shouldn't abuse these methods because they may be useful only in certain circumstances and applying these hooks in the wrong situation you may lose your money.

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