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Backing in poker

Backing in poker Share

Poker is some kind of business activity with players and backers collaborating with each other actively. Backer is a person engaged in stacking. In this article you will find the explanation of these poker terms.

Backing (or stacking) is the financial help to the player who can't pay his entry into the tournament. Be aware that backing is not a commercial, if you want to see your company logo on shirt or cap of the player it not the case. Backing is money in exchange for money. You help the player to enter the tournament by buying him a bankroll (the money to make bets), after the tournament is over you get the part (percentage) of player's winning sum.

The player worth to be backed has to meet some requirements. He has to be the experienced player participating in more that 300 MTTs (multi table tournaments) with continuous game practice. ROI (return on investment) should be total 20% minimum, e.g. the player invests $100 into tournament, and his outcome must equal $120. As a rule, backing projects help poker players to participate in such big tournaments as WSOP and daily tournaments at PokerStars and Full Tilt.

Backing is a passive money earning, as depending on investment sums the backer can get from 50% to 80% of winnings. Backing can be long lasting or one time projects. Poker forums and blogs are full of proposals about backing cooperation from both players and backers. Max Katz backing fund and GipsyTeam backing project are considered to be reliable projects. Most of the backers are ex or actual poker players. Such poker stars as Phil Ivey, Max Katz, Sergey "Gipsy74" Rybachenko (the author of GipsyTeam) are engaged in backing projects. Poker "Pro" players like Ivan Demidov, Pius Heinz and Anton Makievskyi (the last two are WSOP 2011 Main Event finalists) were backed in big tournaments.

Backing can be compared to horse racing, of course, poker players would not like the comparison with horses, but in poker as in horse races favorites can come in last and vice a versa. That's why backing is a risky thing, but you know the proverb: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.