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Poker legalization

Poker legalization Share

The struggle for poker regulation is not only a legislative issue, but also the issue of social perception of online poker and poker in whole. During a quite long period the desperate fight with poker stereotypes is carried on.

We offer you to revise the most wide-spread opinions as for online poker, its legalization and the exception in the sport game rank:

1.Poker is a gambling and the gambling is bad thing.

This argument is the most well-known argument against online poker that we may refute easily:

First of all poker is a game of mastery in which the excitement plays anything but the first role.
In many countries and scientific institutions poker is considered to be the exactly game of mastery.
According to the results of numerous researches the conclusion was made that the success in the game depends more on skills then on players’ luck. 

Poker is played not against a casino, but against opponents.

In many gambling games a visitor plays against the casino which means that the gambling institution enriches itself due to the player’s loss. The poker players gamble one against another and the house of hazard only charges certain per cent from the game bank. In order to get your winning you should play better than the other participants; and this fact again proves that mastery is the most important element in poker.

Luck, the element which presents in the poker game, doesn’t shows that this is the game of chance, as this element presents also in many recognized skillful games.
The piece of luck presents in all life’s spheres and it is an integral part of any game for sure. In some games this factor is more efficient in some is less, but in the poker game luck perfectly balances with the player’s skills and mastery. It is not a secret that in each kind of sport the element of unpredictability and plain luck remains.

2. Poker players are people who suffer from the game addiction.

Indeed poker players are versatile and a very intellectually developed group of people.

During some researches the following conclusions were made:

- more than 72% of poker players have higher education
- over 75% of players are people in age of 30 – 64
- 47% poker players earn over $50 000 annually
- poker players serve in army twice as often as regular citizens.

Poker has a long and rich history. Even the representatives of the higher authority don’t think that playing poker is dishonorable.
All presidents of the USA from Nickson to Obama voice in public about their interest in poker.
Bill Gates even admitted that poker positively influences on the human intellectual development.
According to all information mentioned above we may make the conclusion that poker is not a primitive game of lurchers in dark outskirts, it is a game of the famous people, a game of mastery that is well-known and loved all over the world.