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Initial professions of the poker players

Initial professions of the poker players Share

It's not a secret that majority of show business stars has managed to get certain profession that has nothing in common with their current occupation before they became famous. The same thing concerns famous poker players. In this article we will tell you about the education and professional skills of players that meet each other at the poker table on profession level and amateurs in this intellectual game.

Lawyers Such famous poker players as Vanessa Rousso and Greg Raymer initially have chosen the profession of lawyers. Greg has left his successful career of lawyer to play poker professionally in spite of ten years that he spent on juridical practice. His poker career lasts over 15 years and during this period he has succeed good results – for example, in 2004 he has won the title of World Poker Winner. Vanessa Rousso was interested in poker in student years when she was studying for legal scholar in the University of Miami. Interest for game prevented girl to graduate the University, but she has managed to reach success in poker sphere.

Businessmen It is not surprising that many poker players initially coped with this profession as its businessmen who always have to deal with money and think investment in which branch would be the most profitable. Businessmen should have such qualities as persistence and ambitions. The representatives of this profession are such poker players as Peter Eastgate and Johnson Juanda. Peter and John have to leave economics in order to deep in to poker.

Actors Famous stars of cinematograph also like poker. Among the poker keens we may single out first of all Ben Affleck who regularly participates in poker tournaments and has proved not once that he is really skilled poker player. Well-known actress Jennifer Tilly has earned about 500 000 dollars playing poker, and Shannon Elizabeth has on her account over 200 000 dollars that she has get in result of successful poker game.

Sportsmen Many sportsmen have changed their passion to the physical sport on sport game. Andy Roddick, Greg Mueller, Steve Davis, Boris Becker and this is not complete list of sportsmen which were drawn out the sport by poker. Many stars of the World sport have even signed contracts with poker rooms. Possibly poker rooms use names of such famous people in order to convince as many people as they can to participate in their tournaments.

As we may see passion to poker has united many interesting people of different sex, different interest and activities.

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