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Top-5 the most charming poker players-women

Top-5 the most charming poker players-women Share

In the previous article we have rated successful poker men. This time we have decided to pay our close attention to the better half of mankind that prefers playing poker.

In spite of many people's opinions that poker is totally men's game and within men's logical thinking, not only once many women have proved that the women's part of the world hold their own in their poker skills.

We introduce you our top-five of the most charming poker players.

  • 1. The very first girl that we would like to mention in this rate is 27 years old English girl, Liv Boeree, a participant of the professional team of famous Poker Stars poker-room. Due to her hard game style the girl get the nickname "Iron Maiden". While playing she develops her own poker strategy relying on the cold calculating, all this you can hardly imaging looking at this girl with model appearance. The often guest of glossy covers with charming smile has earned in free tournaments over two millions dollars.

  • 2. People invent many jokes about silly blonds to no purpose. The gorgeous blond with naïve look may easily turn out to be the professional poker player as for example Vanessa Rousso. This is the case when the appearances are deceptive – this beautiful girl easily beats men-players. The winning sum that Vanessa is proud of is about 900 000 of dollars.

  • 3. One more excellent player in the poker world among the better half is Anny Duke. This girl has written her name into the history of famous poker-players due to her winnings. Anny has got prizes in WSOP tournaments about thirty times. Besides, she reached the final table more than ten times. This gorgeous woman got her first bracelet in 2004. Totally the beauty has earned about 4 millions dollars on the poker table.

  • 4. The next splendid representative of women's hazard is Keira Scott. The girl is known by everyone due to television where she disseminates «The high stakes poker». In her show Keira communicates with many famous poker stars. Besides the successful career of television anchorwoman she also reaches her success in poker. The professionalism of this cute girl is approved by her winning in tournament in 2009. She gains the bank of more than 400 000 dollars.

  • 5. And our five is closed by Tiffany Michelle, which is famous not only in the poker world. The girl has also tried a role of an actress and participated in television shows. Tiffany has learned how to play poker in her 8. She has written her name in the history of poker the girl who left for the longest period in WSOP-2008 tournament.

Poker is the game of intellectuals, among the fans of this game there are many people with completely different level of prosperity, different aims and likings. Poker has gathered not only men, but also gorgeous women and all these people have one thing in common – their love to this game.