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The History of Red Dog Poker

The History of Red Dog Poker Share

Any reputable casino has some poker games. Besides standard Texas Holdem and Caribbean poker you can find poker game with the resting and unusual name – Red Dog poker. You might think it is some kind of brand new game, but this poker has more then a hundred year history. This article is devoted to the history of Red Dog poker.

The game has its name after to the form and color of card table that resembles the dog of unusual color. This kind of poker can be found under different names: In-Between, Yablon, Ace-Deuce, Between the Sheets. Such diversity of names can be explained with the long history of this poker game.

Red Dog appeared in the USA in the beginning of XIXth century. It was called In-Between. It had different rules, so the players could easy cheat. Because of this disadvantage the game lost its popularity. As many other gambles the game got new life in 30's of XXth century when gambling was authorized in Las-Vegas. The poker game appeared on the gambling stage with new rules and name – Casino Red Dog. Red Dog Poker was extremely popular among servicemen at World War II. This "quick poker" was perfect game for soldiers who had to be back to war actions any moment. But many people doubt whether this game can be called poker, there are no poker combinations, cards value is important. The player doesn't play against either other players or dealer.

Let's consider Red Dog poker rules. The player makes a bet and gets two cards. If they follow each other by the value, it is a push. If the cards of equal value, the third card is dealt. If it is the same value, it can form the "poker three" which is paid 11 to 1. In most cases cards are not equal and do not follow each other. Than it is spread, the amount of cards between two dealt cards. If your cards are three and seven, than you have spread of three cards (four, five, six). Player can either raise a bet or play without raising it. Player wins if the third card is in spread. One of the main strategies of Red Dog Poker is not to raise bets if the spread is less than seven.

Red Dog Poker is not very popular in offline casinos and poker rooms. But owing to its simplicity it has become very popular in online casino world. You can find Red Dog in Table and Card Games in Casino Tropez.