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Responsible gambling in casino

Responsible gambling in casino Share

Casino visiting has always been the popular way to change the colourless existence on the festive atmosphere of careless and merriment accomplished with healthy hazard. But it is not a secret that for the certain part of casino visitors the game turns into the ruining addiction.

However, to assert that gambling addiction is proper for all casino visitors is a great mistake that is mainly the forcible stereotype of gambling games influence. Meanwhile the researches show that only 5% out of the total players' amount have problems with casino games. This index of addiction to the game is much lower that, for example, the percentage correlation of the people who suffer from the alcohol addiction. The main researches show that the main part of the visitors is able to control their game process and attend the casino not more than 10 times a year. 10% of total players' number desire to play with fortune taking risk.

However, nowadays online casinos are worried about their reputation and their visitors' safety. Therefore, the worthy level of responsible game is one of the basic demands of virtual gambling institutions. The responsible game is an opportunity for the casino to regulate gambling-related money and social risks. There is also the development of responsible approach to the gambling.

As the long-term experience, gambling forbidding cannot resolve this problem. On the territory of CIS countries this fact has already been proven. The gambling ban just worsens the situation. Because as we all know forbidden fruit is sweetest. That is why in the gambling world more often the health and wise game is popularized. It is known as the responsible gambling. The importance to warn players against the possible gambling addiction now becomes more scaled. The groups and communities, which come out for legal playing and are trying to prevent or even avoid the gambling addiction, are created now.

So how do casinos manage with the issue of responsible gambling? First of all and this point is the most important, online casinos strongly recommend setting certain money limits for the game. On the sites of many casinos a player cannot bet more than money limit allows. Such online casinos as Casino Euro, Celtic Casino, Vegas Partner Lounge take the view that players should enjoy the game figuring only on their own money. The game ethics and rules of responsible gambling in the online casino stimulate constant observing the players' hazard.

The playing process should bring the pleasure. The game itself was created for entertainment and fun, and the game in the casino – with aim to earn money. But each casino visitor should understand that loss is the part of the game and the basic component of winning. That is why the risk should be proven and bets shouldn't come over the limits of player's possibilities.