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100% winning in roulette is posibble

100% winning in roulette is posibble Share

The Cornell University mathematicians have declared that they have found the way to play roulette with 18% player edge. But these scientists are not the first to research roulette secrets. Edward Torp was engaged in developing roulette winning strategy in 1959.

It was the Torp who told the world how to beat the dealer and count cards in blackjack. Before blackjack period Torp studied roulette game. He went all over the casinos to find which of the roulette models is the most popular in the casinos. In collaboration with the famous Claude Shannon, Torp studied the motion of the roulette wheel and the ball. After a few years of work the scientists have made a portable device of the cigarette pack size. They went to Las-Vegas to test their brainchild.

At least two men were required to use the winning device. The first man was observing the roulette wheel, calculated and transmitted the winning numbers to the player- bettor. The portable computer was installed in the shoe of the observer and was controlled with toes. The bettor just needed to make the right bets. The testing was pretty well, but soon the scientists left roulette as they had other important projects (Torp started developing blackjack counting system).

The new wave of roulette research started in 1970s. The group of young physicists called Eudaemons (University of California) decided to earn money for the university scientific community by playing roulette. The students have designed the computer based on Shannon and Torp's portable device. Owing to it the player edge in European roulette was 44%! The scientists also went to Vegas to check their computer. The Eudaemons have managed to earn $10 000. They could earn even more but in the result of equipment malfunction one of the group members (the bettor) has received electric shocks and skin burns.

The scientists of Cornell University have developed more powerful computer able to detect the exact winning number by using the information of the rotation speed and the number of roulette wheel spins. Unfortunately, all the scientific projects wouldn't be useful for the average gamblers, as most of the casinos have already made the precautions against roulette computers by not letting the players to place bets during the wheel rotation.