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Security system in casino

Security system in casino Share

When you visit the casino as a place where you may hide from all hard thoughts and the life routine, you can hardly think that you are observed closer than everywhere else. When you make a bet, order beverages or just frown thinking over the game would you feel yourself in the casino naturally, having known that you are shot by tens hidden cameras? At this juncture it is just a measure of security in the casino.

Making security system perfect they protect not only themselves but also their visitors. Just imagine that there are 150 millions gamblers in the USA and 5 000 of them constitute a menace for the casino. These people are professional cheaters. Their most primitive ruse is to sit at the table together and to pretend that they have never seen each other. Playing as one team they win great sums in the casino. And now imagine that you are a random victim among these sharks. You'll certainly demand your safety guarantee. The man, who has developed the main part of all security systems in casinos all over the world, lives in Las-Vegas. His name is Jeff Jonas. In 1990 Jeff arrived to Vegas and during the conversation with an odd opponent he found out about his profession. This man dealt with the casino, he was a cheater; the dodger revealed him few ways of casino cheating, showed some tricks, etc.

In 15 years Jonas helped to install innovation technologies of the face recognition and various security systems in such casinos as "Bellagio", "Treasure Island" and "Beau Rivage".

Despite existing of many incredible security systems cheaters and money haunters still attack casinos. Gambling institutions remember the legendary cases that stunned all casinos. 19-year old student of Technical university of Massachusetts created portative means – a counter for the blackjack game that remembered all game steps. Infrared cameras have exposed the cheater. The next sophisticated way to trick the casino belonged to a swindler that marked cards for poker with the certain quantity of radioactive isotopes. One of the most loud fraud, which was even filmed, was an affair of South-African band that disappeared with 330 000$. The first point in their plan was to get into the factory where the playing cards for casinos were produced. Then they marked the whole card conveyer. Each sign on the card suit meant a suit type and a card rank. Having come to any casino, the members of the team have known each card of their opponents.

Virtual casinos advantageously differ from real institutions by the barely non-existent chance to meet any swindler or trickier. In the online casino visitors care more about their money safety. Of course they are able to spend this money for slots or roulette. But they are not ready to give their money to hacker's unclean hands. Such situation is unallowable for online casinos, because it's very hard to return the players' respect. That's why online gambling institutions take responsibility for the player's money safety. First of all the online casino of the high quality has a good software. The player may contact the operator via Skype, ICQ, e-mail, etc. any time he wants. And the final one, which is the most important for online casino visitors, all their money is in special casino servers. These servers in their turn are under the security of few specialists and the password is available only for them. Each visit to the system is strictly observed and the casino doesn't assess its level of security by itself. There are special independent agencies - for example, such as Thawte and Verisign.

Overall, experts of the gambling industry advise to players and casino visitors not to think over their safety. Visitors should know about the security system operation, but they should entrust everything else to the high technologies that are responsible for the players' security. So if you notice a camera in the casino directed right to you, just smile and take it easy. You are in safety.