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The king of gambling business - Steve Wynn

The king of gambling business - Steve Wynn Share

The history of gambling developing in Las Vegas undoubtedly recalls association with stylishness, expensive cars, sophisticated women and representatives of criminal world. But in order to make business on people's dream and weakness there was needed man with mind not gangster, but a businessman with commercial talent. The legendary in modern world of hazard Steve Wynn became such a man.

Nowadays he is one of the richest men on the planet and the owner of the biggest casinos in the world. With every reason we may say that Steve was inured to gambling from the childhood due to his father who regularly attended casinos, where he spent all his money playing craps. Chic and abundance, stylish ladies in evening dresses and men in expensive suits who were regular clients of gambling houses – such Las Vegas appeared before the young Steve. And this impression determined the future activity of the young man. Wynn elder has also tried to make business on gambling and opened net of bingo houses. But his attempts were fruitless as he didn't manage to get the license. But his son managed to reach success in this sphere. The very first risky bet of Steve Wynn became the investment of all his money to the hotel "Frontier". But the fortune was favourable to the young venturer and this investment appeared to be very successful and his business started to prosper.

Initially Steve had no money for his own casino, he got acquaintance with owners of gambling houses and offered them his services in improving their institutions. Wynn's talent was in the fact that he managed to make from the little-known casino very popular place. Having recommended himself as a good designer Steve soon earned quite great amount of money. This capital he decided to invest in purchasing the shares in gambling houses of Las Vegas. Even having earned enough money Steve didn't stop and continued work on casinos reconstruction. He made the accent on the luxury that since the childhood associated in his mind with casino. Steve put into reality ideas that seemed to be unbelievable and on the finish of his reconstruction he always got the needed result – great quantity of admiring visitors. Due to the hard work and creativity Steve managed not only conquer the city of sins but became the billionaire. The new goal of Steve Wynn became the Asiatic gambling market.

And six years ago Wynn has opened his own hotel in Macao – Wynn Macau. In his creature the master of reconstructions provided plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes. But the heart of the hotel is certainly casino in which you may find more than 200 table games, about 300 slot machines and great quantity of card games. Players all over the world come to visit this place and this fact is undoubtedly shows its popularity and again tells us about meaningfulness of the legendary Steve Wynn – the king of gambling business.