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How to play strip poker?

How to play strip poker? Share

What can be better than poker? Here is the answer: strip poker! It's a kind of poker where clothes are used as money currency. When you lose you have to take off one of your clothes items. Strip poker is a game where ordinary poker tension is replaced by sexual one.

The motherland of poker is considered to be New Orleans, USA (XIX). First game version had no sexual implication. Men alone gathered to play the game. Nowadays both men and women enjoy playing it together. Strip poker players are students, young couples and just good friends having fun while playing poker.

How to play strip poker? The ordinary strip poker is played

  • With standard deck of 52 cards
  • At the table where everyone will be able to see rest of the players well
  • With some friends, or good acquaintance, or maybe even strangers who feel free to dress off in front of others. The minimum age of the players is 18 (it's really important).

What kind of poker to choose for strip poker? Choose the easiest one, like Texas Holdem or Five Card Draw. These kinds of poker have a few bet rounds and rules simple enough to explain them to poker amateurs. If you and your friends prefer other kind of poker you are free to choose whatever you like. For the game to be honest you need to make sure that all players have equal number of clothes items, because it's your money in the game.

What is a price of every piece of clothes in strip poker? As a rule, the least valuable items are socks, pantyhose and shoes, your outwear (jeans, skirt, shirt, blouse) costs more. Your underwear is the most valuable bill. Before you start determine what is to be considered the end of the game: a player in underwear or in his birthday suit. In strip poker the first word is emphasized, so if you are not a "pro" you wouldn't lose your money, but you'll have a strip experience, so don't forget to put on your best underwear. Depending on the rules the player with the worst hand or all players except for the winner must undress.

What to do if your friends wouldn't agree to play such games and to welcome strangers at your place is not an option? Like a superman flying in the sky internet space is in a hurry to help you. There are thousand of online casinos and poker rooms in the internet, so there is a place for strip poker too. In online strip poker you play against a girl who looks like one of Playboy girls. Because of the particular game process you wouldn't find free strip poker rooms, so you have to play for real money. There is no strip poker game among the game list of such casinos, as William Hill, Tropez or Winner. Special poker rooms and sites are created for this game only. It is all about a thin line between erotic and porn the strip poker creators are afraid to cross. The things acceptable in Europe can be beyond the law in the USA or Canada.

Of course, real strip poker game can be compared to nothing. Whenever and wherever you play strip poker show respect to your co-players because poker is a game of gentlemen.