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The list of things in casino to avoid

The list of things in casino to avoid Share

Casino attracts people by its bright lights, the atmosphere holiday and entertainment. Visiting casino you count on having fun, but there are places and people in gambling houses that you better skirt.


Foresight casino owners install in their houses cash dispensers that allow you to withdraw money. Obviously they do this tot because of concern about their clients. Automatic teller machine is a great stimulus for client to loose control over his bankroll and put more money into game. The second reason to avoid cash dispensers in casino is 6% fee. It is too high fee for the money that you shouldn't withdraw right now.

Dark corners and suspicious-looking people

There are money all over in casino and this fact magnetizes suspicious persons. Thieves and robbers are on watch for players that relax their vigilance in toilets, on dark parking and other places without security. You shouldn't lose control on playing table, well-prepared thieves never loose a chance to steal your chips. When you got many chips or great amount of money you may ask security to escort you.

Games with high casino edge

Both skilled players and newbie may jump into the game with high casino edge. The vets choose such games because they like the game process and newbie choose such a game because of lack of knowledge. However we all know that casino edge play a great role. If you chose the game with high casino profit against your common sense, then your chances for winning vanish.

Beautiful ladies

The hero of "X-men" said – You should never trust beautiful woman especially those who are interested in you. For casino this statement is really actual. Men are flattered when beautiful strange women pay compliments for you. But its just the part of their work, and nothing more. In better case she is light-minded girl who seek for a client.

Places with bad bonuses

Bonuses and additional services that casino offers for you have essential influence you your chances to get profit in gambling house. If you know places where you won't get generous bonuses and other offers you'd better find other casino. Before you start playing casino, study its VIP program.


The most obvious thing that you should avoid in casino its to get drunk and face drunk people. Drunk people at the playing table irritate other players and often are rude to dealers. If you see that some of players is drunk you'd better choose other table.

Avoiding all things mentioned above you may really enjoy your casino visiting.