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Top-5 of casino capitals

Top-5 of casino capitals Share

We used to associate cities with certain phenomena. Thus, for example, you will say without any hesitation, that Paris is the city of love. Milan is the capital of fashion. Many people consider Prague to be the beer capital of Europe, and Vienna is the cultural center. What cities do we associate with the casino?

With the lapse of time gambling industry has ticked off the most popular cities. We present you Top-five in this article.

Let's start our rating of the most popular capitals of casinos backward.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, perhaps, is the most cherished city in the world. But only the great ones of the earth reach this desired place may. The environment of millionaires and blue-blood people. The administrative territory of Monaco princedom is situated on the sloping hills that open the picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea. Casinos in Monte Carlo cannot be compared with any other casino in the world. Here the entrance into casino is the same as appearance in high life. There is the strict dress code and the most expensive jewelries. The casinos of Monte Carlo are also sophisticated. Thus for example the oldest casino «Le Casino de Monte Carlo» is decorated with works of art of XVIII-XIX centuries. The main part of other gambling institutions is designed in the Renaissance style. Popular films about Bond were being shot in Monte Carlo. The respectable design and conservatism are the main distinctive features of this gambling capital.


Deauville is bound his existence to the duke de Morny, foster brother of Napoleon the Third. It was he, who got the idea to create the place for politician elite of Parisian high society instead of the sandy-marsh village, where usual fisher men and farmers lived. And four years later the city appeared which nowadays is famous for its refinement and elegance. Deauville was extremely cloaked in various legends, but all its success is concluded in one phrase of the most cunning head of Casino Cornuche: "I'd like to see in my casino only the high society. Tell everybody that this place is expensive. Very expensive. I want people not to be able even to give a cough here, haven't paid 100 sou for this."

The stake on the French snobbery works till nowadays. This casino was attended by Coco Channel and Rothschild family. André Citroën has also left 2.5 millions dollars in this casino. And in summer during the festival of American cinema in Deauville you may easily meet the world celebrities.

Atlantic City

More than any other city faced with strikes appeared due to gambling industry. In spite on the referendum of legalization in 1974 failure, the senators of New Jersey State voted for the opening of the first casino in Atlantic City with the purpose to develop the city. The first legal casino was opened on 26 of May 1978 in the oldest hotel of the city Chalfonte Haddon Hall Hotel. We should admit that senators haven't made a mistake. Now Atlantic City contains the world most popular casinos: The Wynn, Bellagio, Borgata, Caesar's Palace etc. But the most popular place among the city visitors is bright boulevard with numerous shopping malls and few great casinos.


The city of the most ancient civilization, China, presents the only gambling city of the country – Macao. Macao is a port city, where nowadays situated more than 50 casinos. Streets, flashy of shops, bars and clubs form the perfect fusion of gambling and entertainments. Macao differs from other China cities not only presence of casinos but also the fact that prostitution is legalized here. The annual turnover of Macao extremely increased due to local casinos bringing the city closer to the leader of gambling capitals of the world…

Las Vegas

Notwithstanding all splendid world casinos there are nowhere so many playing tourists as in Las Vegas. Now looking at this city that is rounded with million shop-windows neon curtains and lamps halo, it's hard to imagine barren with criminal reputation. But it what Vegas was like: refuge for hiding criminals, the victim of secret marriages and hand-to-hand fights to death. The very first casinos here were illegal. Tired of useless struggle the authorities decided to allow legalization of casino within this territory. This was the beginning of history of modern Las Vegas, the city that welcomes absolutely all visitors notwithstanding their bank accounts, automobile brands and other attributes. Vegas became the brightest city, here concerts of famous world stars are held, popular reality shows are shoot. Las Vegas inspires for films creation, it is glorified in many songs of such celebrities as Katy Perry. Las Vegas is the only city in the world where audience may get to the presentation of the world famous circus of du Soleil any time they want. And it is only half of all things that "City of sins" may offer you - the best restaurants, bars, shopping, shows, as well as the traditional secret wedding ceremony. Vegas never could quit this bad habit.