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How to prevent your children from playing at online casino?

How to prevent your children from playing at online casino? Share

Most of online casinos provide their players with information about responsible gambling. There is always an item about the fact that underage can't play at casino. That is why you are asked to provide personal data, copy of your passport or other documents indicating your age. Online casino must make sure that your family juvenile member or juveniles having the access to your computer do not play gambling games. If you are registered at online casino, you must take care of your underage children or family members not playing at online casino from your account.

What can you do to prevent your children playing at online casino?

Install parenting control or program-filters which will block gambling sites at your computer. You can download such program from the internet or buy them at computer store.

Don't save your casino account login and password at your computer and don't keep them in easily accessible places. It's better to type them again and again than to find out that your kid played at online casino and has lost your monthly salary.

You can disable Password Save function at your browser.

Google Chrome: "Wrench" – Parameters – Basic – press "Don't save passwords" or choose "Propose to save passwords" and then press "Exceptions" where you can type casino address.

Mozilla Firefox: Instruments – Settings – Protection – delete the tick in "Save Passwords for sites' or type online casino address in 'Exception" block.

Opera: Settings – Passwords – Protection –delete check in "Save passwords".

What else can you do?

  • Make a regular check of your browser history or journal. Although modern kids can easily change the data in them, and delete the traces of visiting online casino sites.
  • Do not leave tags of casino software at your desktop.
  • Don't make casino site the homepage of your vrowser.
  • Try to avoid talking about gambling and about how good you are at some game when your kids are around. Kids wouldn't miss an opportunity to have some fun and get extra pocket money.

No matter how old your child (11 or 17) is, he/she is just kid you need to make all precautions. By keeping these easy rules you can try to decrease the risk of your child playing the games he/she is too small for.