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Slot machines - the history of great winnings

Slot machines - the history of great winnings Share

Slots start their stalking over the United States of America and have made a circle around the Earth, having left fans and devotees of slots behind them. In 1999 slots tax in Nevada reached an all-time high of 15 billions of dollars. And nowadays the number of people which are keen to slot machines is not decreasing. What exactly attracts people in slots? To date the following reasons are known – pleasure in the game process, hazard, winning, rest and risk. It is not difficult to guess that all above-mentioned is directly attributed with emotions. You may ask yourself what the person which does not only play but win feels. And not some money, but the Jackpot. And if the player did not expect it at all…

For example, as a 74-year old emigrant from Austria Johanna Heindl has done it. The desire to celebrate her birthday leads Johanna to Las Vegas. Having entered the casino in the Belize Hotel, the lucky lady bought the playing tokens for 170 dollars and went to celebrate the holiday with the slot. But the woman managed to spend only one token of hers. Immediately she hit the Jackpot, which was saved up for 2.5 years. Johanna rejoiced as a child thinking that she had won 22,000 USD. When she saw that the amount is 1000 more the heroine of the occasion lost her tongue. When she was interviewed Johanna couldn’t imagine how to spend such amount of money in her age yet. But we can say that the birthday party was a success.

One more unplanned millionaire, a 25-year old programmer from Los Angeles was heading for Sacramento, and on the way he decided to visit Las Vegas and diversify his trip. In the casino Excalibur the programmer was watching with enthusiasm for the basketball match on the big TV screen, not looking at the playing field of the slot. He hardly fell off the chair when the slot machine frightened him with the loud music and blinking. Having looked at the monitor, the young man knows that he become richer by 40 millions of dollars. Before it the guy, who preferred to be unnamed, threw to the slot machine just 3 dollars.

The only one of this trinity of Jackpot owners the waitress Cynthia “planned” to enrich herself. Sincerely believing in numerology Cynthia entered the hotel-casino “Desert Inn”, having 27 dollars in her pocket. It was 27th of January. Cynthia fed the “one-arm bandit” with coins. Desperately she threw the last one and averted her eyes from it, but the machine made her turn round with its blinking and triumphal roaring. There were numbers 34 959 458 dollars on the screen. In order to earn such amount of money, Cynthia should have delivered orders in the café for 1 165 years!

These are three most popular examples of the unexpected winnings in the history of the world gambling industry. Someone tries to find an answer in the numerology, someone – in the books of astrology. But the right thing is to name it as luck and fortune.

It is interesting: In the beginning of XX century the selling of slot machines brought to the USA the same profits as for Ford cars selling.

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