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Women in casino

Women in casino Share

As it is commonly known gambling institutions are famous for the atmosphere of light-heartedness and holiday accomplished with shimmering lights, nice music and what is the most important – with an opportunity to win great money prize. If it is not for women who might be seduced by all these things? However it is curiously enough that the very men are the most frequent visitors of casinos. Why?

There are few opinions on this issue. One of them is directly related with women's psychology. The great half of mankind goes to the gambling institutions with the purpose to demonstrate sophisticate dress and spend time with good company. It is commonly known that the female nature can't stand rivals. And the "game" is feminine, the mistress of the casino that cannot be crossed. As a rule, men are seriously seduced by only one lady in the casino – the game.

The second female feature is thrift, which according to psychologists' opinion restrains women from the casino attending. You should agree that quite rarely you may hear the history about the mother of two children that has lost her property spending night playing slots and drinking whisky. However there are some exceptions. Thus in March of 2011 in Singapore woman that preferred to stay incognito had lost 100 290 $ in the casino. According to the lady's words she tried to win back 290$ that she lost. The lady has wasted absolutely all savings of her family.

Analyzing the whole picture you cannot state that women play worse than men. Inversely women learnt how to drive; they occupied executive positions, and that is why casino playing is not so big deal for them. It was approved by Larry Tervender's experiment that offered to give even amounts of money for groups of women men and compare the results of their playing. The following games participated in the experiment– blackjack, roulette, poker and others. The group of women had the bigger amount. It's commonly known that ladies are guided by emotions, feelings and serendipity. That is why their playing is unpredictable and aggressive and this fact disorientates men.

All these facts are real for offline gambling institutions. The situation in the virtual casino is quite different. As far as the online casino more and more often offers an option to play for free and without registration, the number of women among casino players is increasing. It's definitely suitable for female half of population: to slake the passion feeling without no risk for their wallet. We may even state that if women decide to play they start playing with all responsibility without any presumption that is typical to men.

The desire to get winning and sport interest is implicit in all people. It doesn't matter if this is a man or a woman. Finally the Fortune is also female. That is why it's impossible to predict it.