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The Magnificent Nine of World Series of Poker 2011 Tournament

The Magnificent Nine of World Series of Poker 2011 Tournament Share

12 days of World Series of Poker Main Event 2011 were rather intense, but the nine finalists have been determined. The game was really tough. Four of twenty two players left the table within the first hour of the game. The first break took place when Andrey Pateychuck left the game being in 15th position.

The tense of the game grew more and more. The audience was shocked at Brian "Devo" Devonshire was the twelfth to leave the tournament. It should be said that he was a dealer of WSOP. When the number of players reached 10, the game course slowed down considerably: no one would want to loose at the brink of such important final game. Nevertheless, six long hours later John Hewitt was out of the game.

So we got nine finalists who will gather at the table on November, 5.This bracelet is considered the most multinational of all the bracelets that took place. Below you can see some information about them.

Eoghan O'Dea – 33 925 000 chips

Like father like son. Eoghan O'Dea, a son of Duncan O'Dea, the popular poker player, can prove this proverb. At the time Eoghan won $315 000 at iPoker ECOOP III. Second place at Ladbrokes Poker Million VII and WPT Marrakech brought him impressive sums of $250 000 and $378 227 respectively. Eoghan is Irish.

Badih Bounahra – 19 700 000 chips

Born in Belize, not far from Mexico. Runs fruit wholesale distribution business. Of all the finalists, he is considered the less perspective. He is expected to be the first to leave the table and take his $782 115.

Matt Giannetti – 24 750 000 chips

This poker player from Las-Vegas is a potential winner. Matt does well at both off-line and online poker. His live earnings total is more than $49 000.

Phil Collins – 23 875 000 chips

Phil Collins also goes in for on-line poker. And he left many of his rivals behind. He is sometimes called "cold-blooded Phil", and it is for a reason. During his poker career he earned $3 000 000. Phil was named after famous singer, he is married, he never reached final table until WSOP.

Ben Lamb – 20 875 000 chips

Scores at WSOP 2011. With living in Vegas Ben managed to become WSOP 2011 prizer for four times. His game style is the most aggressive. His aim is to win this bracelet by any means.

Pius Heinz – 16 425 000 chips

No, he is not one of those Heinz's, ketchup kings. He is a German poker player who started playing offline poker only recently. Heinz's countrymen should support him, as if he has a winner bracelet, he will be the first champion from Germany.

Samuel Holden – 13 825 000 chips

He is Englishman from Canterbury. England pins great hopes on him, Samuel is believed to get another bracelet for the country. Holden also likes online poker. His online earning totals $285 614.

Anton Makievskyi – 13 825 000 chips

The youngest player, ambitious participant of the final nine. He is Ukrainian. Anton won 20 000 000 Pot at the end of the sixth day. He is distinguished with decisive and ambitious game. All Ukrainians support him heartily.

Martin Staszko– 40 175 000 chips

Cheapleader of the final nine. Martin is 35 years old, born in Trinec, Czech Republic. Besides poker, Staszko is a great chess player. He will get a huge sum of money. No matter whether he wins or not, he'll get a million only as a finalist. But in his case it is not the most important thing. For the history he'll be the first Czech poker player who became a finalist of Main Event.

Without any doubt, each of the final nine is worth to win. But there is only one who will get $8 700 000. The only thing we can do is to wait till November and find out the name of WSOP 2011 champion.